Russell Okung vs Trent Cole et al. gifs

In memoriam.

Apropos, I was surprised at how frequently Cole came out of this game. These two didn't really face off all that often. I didn't count but if you asked me who saw more snaps, Tapp or Cole, I would guess Tapp. Tapp was mostly man handled by Okung, but did have a nice play or two.

Not pictured: KJ Wright. If Okung hadn't gotten hurt, and I hadn't fallen behind a week on these posts, I could have dedicated a second post to Wright. He's had a monster last two games.

Last programming note before the gifs, big thanks to Mr. Bigtrain. I'm sure most of you have run across some Bigtrain21 gifs here, like maybe this one. He was nice enough to take the time to email me and explain how he makes his gifs, which are much smoother and more like a video than the stick figure flip book gifs that I was pumping out. There are still a few kinks I'm working out, like which speed I like best, but the upgrade in quality is undeniable.

Did I mention that this new way of making gifs also saved me from buying photoshop? Bigtrain is the best, guys.

Play 1. The stonewalling began early, with Robert Gallery chipping in.

Play 2. This is, uh, well. This is holding. It's not the most egregious hold I've ever seen, but it's a hold. Also, if Tarvaris Jackson makes a better throw this is a touchdown. Not that it mattered.

Play 3. Step up, TJack! Step up! Zach Miller can only do so much against a pass rush specialist like Jason Babin, but Trent Cole poses no threat going up against Russell Okung. It gets cut out a bit, but Okung does a really nice job finishing his block here despite the sack.

Play 4 - Russell Okung vs Brian Rolle. I think we all realize this by now, but Okung plays mean. He pops two Eagles on this play, looking more like Kam Chancellor than an offensive tackle.

Play 5. Okung and Michael Robinson both do a great job on this play. Cole isn't dominated, but he doesn't get close to factoring either. Okung hooks him a bit there at the end, but the plays over by the time it happens.

Play 6. This is identical to play three with the exception of Doug Baldwin.

Play 7. Cole gives Okung everything he can handle but Okung ends up getting leverage and finshes his block with some nasty.

Play 8 - Russell Okung vs Akeem Jordan. Okung will put you in the turf.

Play 9. Okung hooks Cole again here, and it looks like Cole might come up a bit gimpy. I wonder if this wasn't a big factor in Cole losing it at the end of the game.

Richard Sherman is intense. I hope we're watching these two guys for a long time.

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