Formation Nation: Seattle Seahawks Week 14 Notes on Personnel Packages & Player Snaps

This comes a little late this week obviously - Chad wasn't able to do his customary charting and I was a bit slammed for time. I managed to get the charting done today so I figure it makes sense to throw these numbers up before this week's game. I'm going to keep this fairly simple though, and we can delve further what they mean during the offseason.

Here's how the Seahawks used their personnel in last week's 30-13 win over the St. Louis Rams.

Offensive Personnel Information:

The Seahawks ran 68 offensive plays.

1 out of "01" (0 RB, 1TE)... 1 pass
3 out of "02" (0RB, 2TE)... 3 passes
1 out of "10" (1RB, 1TE)...1 pass
27 out of "11" (1RB, 1TE)... 7 runs, 20 passes
9 out of "12" (1RB, 2TE)... 3 runs, 6 passes
6 out of "21" (2RB, 1TE)... 6 runs
20 out of "22" (2RB, 2TE)... 13 runs, 7 passes.

Notes: I seem to be missing one play, sorry about that. Also, two of those "22" 'passes' were the Marshawn Lynch attempts to Mike Robinson.

Notable Snap Counts:

Golden Tate played in 53 snaps (13 1st Q, 14 2nd Q, 17 3rd Q, 9 4th Q)
Mike Williams played in 32 snaps (10, 7, 9, 6)
Doug Baldwin played in 18 snaps (8, 11, 5, 5)
Ben Obomanu played in 18 snaps (3, 5, 6, 4)
Deon Butler played in 16 snaps (3, 4, 5, 4)
Zach Miller played in 63 snaps (16, 18, 18, 11)
Anthony McCoy played in 8 snaps (0, 0, 3, 5)
Cameron Morrah played in 26 snaps (10, 8, 8, 0)
Marshawn Lynch played in 43 snaps (9, 9, 13, 12)
Justin Forsett played in 16 snaps (4, 8, 3, 1)
Leon Washington played in 3 snaps (2, 0, 1, 0)
Michael Robinson played in 26 snaps (6, 6, 7, 7)

Defensive Personnel Information:

The defense was on the field for 63 plays.

Base '4-3'... 40 plays
"Nickle"... 20 plays
"Goal Line" - 2 plays
A true 5-2 look - 1 play

Notes: The true 5-2 look I speak of consisted of Chris Clemons, Alan Branch, Clinton McDonald, Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant on the line with their hand on the ground. The rest of the set included Leroy Hill, David Hawthorne, K.J. Wright, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor. Essentially, McDonald replaced Brandon Browner. This is basically the Seahawks goal-line set but it wasn't near the goalline, just in a short yardage situation for the Rams.

Notable Snap Counts:

Chris Clemons played in all 63 snaps (40 base, 20 nickel, 2 goal-line, 1 5-2)
Brandon Mebane played in 50 snaps (40, 7, 2, 1)
Alan Branch played in 38 snaps (28, 7, 2, 1)
Red Bryant played in (38, 7, 2, 1)
David Hawthorne played in all 63 snaps.
Leroy Hill played in all 63 snaps.
K.J. Wright played in 43 snaps (40 base, 0 nickel, 2 goal line, 1 5-2)
Kam Chancellor played in all 63 snaps.
Earl Thomas played in all 63 snaps.
Brandon Browner played in 60 snaps, all but that 5-2 look and goal-line.
Richard Sherman played in 61 snaps, all but 'goal-line.' Atari Bigby replaced him there.
Raheem Brock played in 19 snaps (3 base, 16 nickel)
Clinton McDonald played in 28 snaps (14, 11, 2, 1)
Anthony Hargrove played in 13 snaps, all nickel.
Roy Lewis played in 20 snaps, all nickel.
Atari Bigby saw two snaps, replacing Sherman in the Hawks heavy '5-2' goal line look.

Check out the Formation Nation section to compare and contrast span counts over the last couple weeks. I'm going to go more in depth with this information over the offseason, obviously. Word.

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