An Updated 2011 NFL Playoff Picture for Week 16


This week, the Seahawks showed the Bears what happens when you put an unproven QB behind center against the Blue Tide. Big Red showed him his high step and the Seahawks inched one more step towards the second playoffs of Pete Carroll's two-year tenure with the Hawks. Even if they dont get in, they have at least matched the win total and have a chance to have a winning record.

Again disclaimer, the Seahawks need to take care of their own business before any of the scenarios matter. With Atlanta's and Detroit's wins, Seattle's 8-8 chances at the playoffs are gone. Seattle must win out to have a chance.

Mathmatically eliminated teams:

Colts, Redskins, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Buccaneers.

The competition

NFC East

New York Giants: 7-7

Remaining Games: Jets (8-6), Cowboys (8-6)

RSOS: 16-12 57%

Dallas Cowboys: 8-6

Remaining Games: Eagles (6-8), Giants (7-7)

RSOS: 13-15 46%

Philadelphia Eagles: 6-8

Remaining Games: Cowboys (8-6), Redskins (5-9)

RSOS: 13-15 46%

The Eagles can only get to the playoffs by winning their division, they need NYG to lose next week, but beat Dallas. They need Dallas to lose both, and of course win out themselves. That leaves Dallas and NYG. Because our only way to make the playoffs means the Lions or Atlanta needs to lose two games, we still want Dallas to win the division. Though - only if Dallas and and Atlanta tie us at 9-7 do we lose a tie break, so its not cruicial.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers - 13-1 Clinched Division and first round Bye

Remaining Games: Bears (7-7), Lions (9-5)

RSOS: 16-12 57%

Detroit Lions: 9-5

Remaining Games: Chargers (7-7), Packers (13-1)

RSOS: 20-8 71%

Chicago Bears 7-7

Remaining Games: Packers (13-1), Vikings (2-12)

RSOS: 15-13 54%

Since we assume the seahawks win out the bears are at most tied with us, we win all tie break scenarios, the bears only shot if we win out is to have both Atlanta and Detroit lose out. This would put us in the 5th seed and the Bears in the 6th. We want the Bears to win out, just in case NYG wins their division.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints -11-3 Clinched playoff spot

Remaining games: Falcons (9-5), Panthers (5-9)

RSOS: 14-14 50%

Atlanta Falcons - 9-5

Remaining Games: Saints (11-3), Bucs (4-10)

RSOS: 15-13 54%

Atlanta can still win their division, all they need is to win out and have NO lose their last game, against Carolina. More likely the Saints win their division. While we would like the Falcons to lose out, as it gives us a shot at the last spot, its not as benificial as Detroit losing out, but still makes it possible in a lot of scenarios. The good news is NO is suddenly in position to take the extra bye week and that could mean starters playing major minutes against the Falcons.

NFC West

San Fransisco 49ers: - 10-3 clinched division- *

Remaining Games: Steelers (10-3)*, Seahawks (7-7), Rams (2-11)

RSOS: 18-21 46%

Arizona Cardinals: 7-7

Remaining Games: Bengals (8-6), Seahawks (7-7)

RSOS: 15-13 54%

Since the Seahawks win out, the Cards can only get to 8-8.


In the end we need Detroit or Atlanta to lose out. If Detroit loses out, the most likely scenario with a brutal schedule, and the Seahawks win out, then the seahawks are in 6th spot.

If Atlanta loses out then we also need a the bears to go 9-7 ( 9-7 giants would be division winners )

If Both lose out, Seahawks get 5th spot.

That is the gritty nitty, We have to win against SF, a good team, but we match up well with them, and Arizona, a team that is coming strong. After that hope the lions lose out.

Who to root for.


Texans @Colts: Pick'em


49ers @Seahawks: Seahawks Win BIG. Marshawn to get another TD, our fast recievers to dominate their secondary, and gore to be shut down.

Raiders @Chiefs: If you are spiteful you hope the Raiders lose for letting the lions come back.

Cardinals @Bengals:Purists say favor the Bengals to eliminate competition, Others say let them win so we can crush their hopes in the Season Finale on national television...just like last year!

Chargers @Lions: Hope for a thunder beat down that could demorilize the Lions.


Bears @ Packers: Go Bears we want you to win out!


Falcons @Saints: When the saints, come marching in, and win the Seahawks cheer!

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