Seattle Seahawks: Super Happy Fun Time Magic Explosion

Simply put, here are 16 reasons to love the Seahawks today.

1. Winners of 5 of 6 by a margin of 162-88.

2. That's an average of 27 to 14.6. The Steelers are 2nd in the league in scoring defense at 15.6 points per game. The Chargers are 5th in scoring offense at 25.6 points per game. So the Hawks last 6 weeks would be comparable to 2nd in scoring defense and 5th in scoring offense.

3. The differential of 12.4 points per game would rank 2nd, behind the Packers.

4. The combined records of those six opponents is 32-52, but if they didn't play the dominating Seahawks their combined records would be 84-0.

5. The Rams are so very, very bad.

6. Seattle is in a division with a team that has thrown eight touchdowns in 14 games and run for five. St. Louis has scored 13 touchdowns this season on offense. Seattle has scored 13 offensive touchdowns in their last five games.

Much more plus visual magic (a lotta gifs) after the jump...

7. Between 2008-2010, Seattle was outscored by 305 points. They are +11 this season after the Bears win.


8. Seattle is 5th in Turnover Margin at +8 and +13 over the last five games.


9. Tarvaris Jackson is probably not our QBOTF!


10. The defense ranks 6th in scoring defense, 8th in total defense, and is the "hottest" in DVOA!


11. Nine of eleven starters on defense are 27 or younger.


12. WE AIN'T GOT NO PROBLEM FACING THE BIG BOYS! This team has cattitude.


13. Pete Carroll


14. Doug Baldwin was drafted in Round Never and has 46 catches, 731 yards, 15.9 yards per catch. Mike Williams led the team with 751 yards last season.




16. There are six true holdovers from the 2009 team: David Hawthorne, LeRoy Hill, Justin Forsett, Jon Ryan, Brandon Mebane, Ben Obamanu. Meaning, if John Schneider and Pete Carroll can break down a terrible team and make them an average one in less than two years, what can we expect in year four?




We all we got, we all we need.

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