Enemy Reaction: Chicago Bears

Did Seattle....just win consecutive road games? Yes they did. Hasn't been done since 2007, and even that team only went 3-5 on the road. The combined 2nd half score of both their wins in St. Louis and Chicago is 45-0. The Seahawks are right in the thick of the playoff chase and given pre-season expectations and actual mid-season performance, this is a major accomplishment.

This week's edition of Enemy Reaction is centered around the free-falling Chicago Bears, and the key plays highlights -- all in the 2nd half -- has game thread reaction from Field Gulls and Windy City Gridiron.

Tarvaris Jackson Goes Deep to Ben Obomanu to Open the 3rd Quarter



Big Red Bryant Engulfs Football, Scores Go-Ahead Touchdown



Michael Robinson Gets His Second Touchdown in Two Weeks



Brandon Browner Pick 6 Ends Caleb Hanie's Relevant NFL Career



Post-Game: A 2nd Half Collapse

It looked as if the Seahawks went to the locker room and made adjustments and the Bears went in for milk and cookies. The coaching staff got pantsed in the worst way possible.

The Bears were clearly intent on shutting down their running game, so the Seahawks would try to find the soft spots in the Cover 2 defense in the passing game. Caleb Hanie was clearly more comfortable rolling right, so they’d do some things to blow that up. It didn’t take long for their plans to pay off. Tarvaris Jackson hit a couple of long pass plays on the Seahawks first second half possession to set up a game tying touchdown run.

On the Bears next possession Hanie tried to roll right, rolled right into pressure and threw a pick-6 to another 300+ defensive linemen. I told you that Hanie showed you flashes of his NFC Championship game performance. Is this guy some kind of chubby chaser?

It got worse from there as the Bears went from a 14-7 halftime lead to a 24-14 deficit by the end of the third quarter. Things got so bad in the fourth quarter, the Bears pulled the mothballs off Josh McCown. Not to be outdone, he proceeded to throw an interception after Hanie’s second pick-6 forced him to the bench.

I don’t even have it in me right now to give you the bullet points from the game. The bottom line is the Bears are done for the season. They’re now looking up at the Seattle Seahawks for the Wild Card. In a game where they had everything to play for, the Bears wilted. The coaching staff got outcoached and out-adjusted. The defense wet the bed. The special teams folded. In their loss to the Seahawks, just like this season, the Bears collapsed. - Boomer (probably not Chris Berman or Boomer Esiason), from Bear Goggles On, describes the death blow the Seahawks gave the Bears.


Post-Game: Let the Firing Season Begin

The part of the Bears’ season with any meaning is over.

Which means the Bears’ firing season can begin.

Can we start with Caleb Hanie and Jerry Angelo? Pretty please?

In a game where the Bears’ starting quarterback threw three interceptions for the third time in four games since replacing injured Jay Cutler, then I think we can start with that quarterback.

Hanie can go. Check that, Hanie has to go. Right now. Today, if not as soon as he threw another pick-6 to the fattest guy on the field. Hanie threw another pick-6 near the end of the game, the season, all hope, whatever you got.

I’m thinking Hanie can hitch a ride with Angelo, the general manager who brought in Hanie, stuck with him as a backup for several years, and saw the guy kill the Bears’ playoff hopes.

A quarterback in charge of four straight losses -- that’s the best that Angelo could do?

A guy who had a quarterback rating of 33.3 Sunday -- that’s all you got?

Here’s how inept Hanie’s offense has been the last month: When Julius Peppers knocked the ball out of Tarvaris Jackson’s hand and Israel Idonije recovered it in the end zone, the defense had scored as many touchdowns as the offense in three weeks.

Hanie is good for maybe one drive a game. The rest of the time, you have to game-plan to prevent him from killing his own team. - Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune essentiall calls for a house cleaning.

Post-Game Video: The Season is Over

Bears vs Seahawks 2011 NFL Week 15 Recap (via ChicagoSportsNews)


Post-Game Video BONUS: The Nail in the Coffin



Lovie Smith announced that Josh McCown will start this Sunday against Green Bay. This is the 3rd straight game where the Seahawks have directly forced a change at QB. Vince Young's 4 INT performance essentially forced the Eagles to go back to Michael Vick immediately, even though I doubt his broken ribs are healed. Sam Bradford was started for no reason last Monday night, the Seahawks made him pay, and now he's on IR with Kellen Clemens getting the start. Caleb Hanie threw more touchdowns to the Seahawks than the Bears, and now Josh McCown is the man to start for Chicago the rest of the way.

There's not much more that needs to be said. We need to root for San Diego and Green Bay and Seattle has to beat San Francisco and Arizona. Can it be done? Doubt it. But I'm just happy that we're playing competitive December football and winning games in dominating fashion. This Saturday at 1:15 PM at CenturyLink Field, the NFC's #1 and #2 ranked defenses square off....and I don't think anyone would've predicted that when the Seahawks were 2-6.

That's it for this week's Enemy Reaction, hopefully we have two more of these to close out the regular season.

Enemy Reaction 2011 - Past Editions

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