The Great Seahawk-49er Facebook Status Update SmackTalk Bet. I NEED Your Help.

So as many of you may know, I spent 4 years teaching in Lompoc California at Cabrillo High School. Yes, the same school as former Seahawks Practice Squad RB Vai Taua. He was in my Frosh English class. He's a good kid that worked hard, and I hope he catches on here (or somewhere else) down the road once he serves his league suspension. And no, I don't know and don't care, so don't ask. I know he's a good person who is trying like hell to fulfill his dreams. That's enough for me.

Lompoc is Coastal California, wine country, north Santa Barbara county. They even filmed a scene for the wine-tasting movie "Sideways" in my classroom. TRUTH. Also, I lived on "Q" street, and "P" street was shown on the film. If you saw the movie, you would remember naked street running guy. I personally would never run down the streets of Lompoc naked, even if my nickname in some quarters was "Frank the Tank." (link NSFW) But I digress... and Kenneth... I did so willingly and without needing to look it up...

So yes, we are talking deep in Niners/Raiders country, with a smattering of holdout LA Rams fans, though I'm suspicious that those fans were more connected to the then recent success of the "Greatest Show on Turf" than actually being true die-hard Rams fans. I was there from 2000-2004, and I might very well have been the only Seahawk fan in the entire town of Lompoc. I will support those (localized) fan bases of the Raiders and Niners; like Seahawk fans, those fan bases stick. They aren't the bandwagon jumpers we all hate, though similar to Seattle, some fans will put the jerseys away for a while during losing years, while they follow and hope.

One of my ex-baseball players is a friend on Facebook, and is a die hard Niner fan. Strangely, he's an M's fan too. Special torture. He blames it on growing up loving Griffey, then sticking with it the past decade. To his credit, he is waiting it out with the rest of us, knowing how sweet it will be to be an M's fan if/when we do have success again. And let's be honest-- he lives in an area that is equal split between Dodger/Angels and Giants fans, with a few A's. It would be pretty easy to switch over to the Angels right now. Give him props for that.

We have some great back-and-forth dialogues on the M's, how evil a man David Stern is (he is a Laker fan), sports in general, and of course this fantastic Niner/Seahawk developing rivalry. Last night however, he proposed a bet based on the Niners/Hawks that excites me to no end. We shall have at least two days of facebook status updates. His words, which I fully endorse for parameters:

"Okay.. You get yours.. I'll get mine, but no, Niners suck dick, vulgarities or anything like that and visa versa"

AWESOME! And it isn't that I can't come up with smack talk by any means (search for green, excuse the language). It's that I'm so excited about current events and the direction of our franchise that I wanted to share this with you, and see what kind of brilliant smack-talk ideas you come up with. Also, I'd encourage you to have similar bets with your Niner friends. Because let's be honest, win or lose this week, this has turned into a fun season, and we should be having fun with it. We're probably not a playoff team... but we weren't supposed to be. And we're not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a young team that seems to have lost their compass and are moving the wrong direction.

We're a young fun team that has been a pleasant surprise, and win or lose the future is looking an 80's Gotta-Wear-Shades kinda bright. Worse case, we match last year's record, but we do it with a younger stronger faster meaner team that is creating an identity. That's exciting!

And those poor Niner fans, they're actually dreaming of first round byes, and this loss would KILL those hopes. And honestly, they're just not that good. They're hiding a terrible offense behind a great defense. That will get exposed in the playoffs. Just ask this guy. Uh, I mean this guy. But you get the point.

And I don't think they don't want to face us in the first round of the playoffs after just getting owned. And the other possibilities? NYG or Atlanta or Dallas or Detroit in first round of the playoffs as the 3 seed? No way. And again, for us? Well, we're probably not getting in this year anyway, so anything from this point forward is just gravy. Let's play spoiler and see how it goes. But if we don't get in, while I wont be happy, it wont be the disappointment it would be further down the line. It's a perfect time for such a bet. If you lose, consider the week's status updates a gift to a friend from another team. But if you win... ahh... how sweet!

So let's hear it, FieldGulls. What would you force your Niner friends to post to the world via facebook???

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