Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Monday

SEATTLE, WA - DECEMBER 1: Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks talks to head linesman Mark Baltz during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles at CenturyLink Field December 1, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Jay Drowns/Getty Images)

Happy Monday yo.

Austin Davis, Southern Miss defeats #6 Houston " Seahawks Draft Blog
Austin Davis will do what it takes to achieve his goals. That’s the lasting impression I had following our conversation back in July as Davis prepared for his senior year at Southern Miss. "The biggest thing is to be a winner and to be a guy that people want on their team. You can’t do anything about your height, you can’t do anything about a lot of things. You can do something about your attitude, your work ethic and your mentality towards the game. That’s one thing I want to excel at and be the best at. I want to win games and I want to lead this team."

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: DVR Run Analysis - Philadelphia @ Seattle; 1-Dec-2011
This was the week of the breakaway run. We lost some consistency this week as we had five runs for loses and twelve of thirty planned runs with gains of less than three yards. Half of our runs were for less than four. I attribute this more to an over-aggressive defense than inconsistent play from the offense. Yeah, they stopped us at times, but they also got burned - badly.

The Brewery | What is Marshawn Lynch's worth? | Seattle Times Newspaper
I started advocating that the Seahawks pay Marshawn Lynch, who will be a free agent at season's end, in my latest column. Of course, that's easy to say. But there are several things to consider that I couldn't fit into a 710-word opinion written on deadline after a night game.

Brandon Browner Becoming League-Leading Cornerback: A Fan's Reaction - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner(notes) is putting together a pretty spectacular season this year. It's his first year in the NFL, and the Oregon State graduate is helping the Seahawks shut down opposing offenses. He just put up another great game against the Philadelphia Eagles on national television, and that might get sports writers across the nation to finally take notice.

Rams 0, 49ers 26 - Rams shutout en route to 10th loss - Turf Show Times
In the more immediate future, just Seattle and Cincinnati stand in the way of St. Louis and Minnesota pimping their strength of schedules to fight for the second overall pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. Yay.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: 2011 Seahawks Progress Report @ Three-Quarter Point
The offense has led the way in transforming the team. Points scored has jumped from 14.5 in the first four games to 23.5 in the last four. The changes to scoring closely mirror a large change in time of possession. Check it out. First, scoring:

Seahawks develop an identity | - Sports
Success running the ball has given them a tougher image around the NFL

Seahawks, Carroll must find way to keep Tom Cable - Seahawks News -
Since UCLA fired head coach Rick Neuheisel, the rumors that UCLA and Tom Cable are mutually interested in one another is something that should be disturbing to Seahawks fans. If you're head Coach Pete Carroll it should be particularly troubling, but it's the chance you take when hiring a guy like Cable and it speaks volumes about Carroll himself. A less secure head coach hires assistants that aren't a threat to him or won't be plucked from his staff.

TNT NFL power rankings – Week 13 | Seahawks Insider
Even though Seattle lost to Washington last week, with Thursday’s win over Philadelphia I moved the Seahawks up from 19 to 18 in this week’s The News Tribune NFL power rankings. Here’s a quick spin around other national web sites to see where they have Seattle.

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