Seattle Seahawks-St. Louis Rams Fan Thread: Q&A with Turf Show Times

First of all - Kudos for beating the living daylights out of the Philadelphia Eagles. You know, of course, that you don't have to play like that to beat the St. Louis Rams on Monday Night Football, right? In fact it might be a great opportunity for you to rest that weary, though great, defensive line of yours... OK, it was worth a try?

Hello once again from Turf Show Times! I'm an editor at TST, and thought I'd stop by for a bit of Seahawks - Rams chat. I'm not all that sure you have that many questions for us? We've devolved to Pre-Draft conjecture in Rams' land. I have little doubt Matt Kalil's decision to stay at USC for another year will hinge on whether the Rams are his team of the future. He has a far better chance to stay healthy by remaining at USC than if he joins the injury cursed St. Louis Rams... We may have to draft based on low Wonderlic scores?

I interviewed a Seattle Seahawks fan a few days ago. I've been a regular reader of Doug Farrar's columns for quite some time, and if you'd like to read the interview, go here. When I asked him for three biggest surprises of the 2011 season, I loved his take on the Eagles:

"I’d say the third surprise has to be the Eagles. I didn’t buy the "Dream Team" hype, but the extent to which this team has given up borders on disgusting. I was in the press box for the Seahawks-Eagles game, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game in which so many receivers kind of slow-rolled their routes. Juan Castillo is a completele and total disaster as a defensive coordinator – turns out he’s the first guy on the NFL to burn Nnamdi Asomugha on a consistent basis – and I could see Andy Reid losing his job over this disaster." - Doug Farrar

To stem the tide of TST fan depression over the Rams 2011 injury riddled season, I took some heat for a spoof article in which I "fake" hired a new St. Louis Rams General Manager. Note to self: Depressed people tend to be extremely literal. What does matter is that author Novb Vonnegut and I laughed the entire time while doing the interview.

The Seahawks have this wild way of turning on the "WIN" light as the season winds down? Marshawn Lynch is playing like a man on a mission. Tavaris Jackson is playing well and Golden Tate suddenly appeared from nowhere to showcase talents hidden since his college days. Can you keep your playoff sprint going? What are the keys to you sweeping the board down the stretch?

You've had a couple of set backs that have to be maddening with Moffitt being suspended and Okung's being cheap shot-ed during the Eagles game. Even though this week and the next are fairly weak opponents for the Seahawks, you have to being eye the San Francisco game just down the road. In St. Louis, Steven Jackson carries the Rams on his shoulders through the proverbial thick and thin. Can Marshawn Lynch do the same for the Seahawks as the season winds toward a possible postseason berth?

So let me hear from you! I'll be inviting the TST faithful to drop by to ask and answer questions over the next couple days. Please don't hesitate to let me know if anyone forgets they are guests here...

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