John Schneider-Drafting Tendencies

John Schneider-Drafting Tendencies

Schneider broke into the NFL in 1992 as an intern with Green Bay before being promoted to pro personnel assistant the following season and served as such until he received a job offer from the KC Chiefs, to be the Director of Player Personnel, from (1997-99), and then served in the same function for the Seahawks in (2000), before receiving a job offer as Vice President of Player Personnel, for the Washington Redskins during the 2001 season.  Then “Schneid” moved back to Green Bay where he was Personnel Analyst to the General Manager until 2008, when he was promoted to Director of Football Operations, and served in that capacity until 2010 when Seattle lured him away from Green Bay to serve as it’s GM.  Looking at his employment history, did you know John Schneider broke into the NFL at the tender young age of 19, and so although only 38 has already spent half his life doing personnel evaluations, etc?  Did you know that along with Ted Thompson’s tenure as GM of the Packers, where John served as Personnel Analyst for 3 years,and Director of Football Operations for 2 years, “Schneid” also worked under Ted Thompson an additional 6 years in various capacities, one more thing of note:  John Schneider also worked under Mike Holmgren for 6 years.

I am the sum total of everything that I have experienced musically.

Hank Jones-American Jazz Pianist

This quotation, and the above employment history, started me thinking, though we have very limited data, on John Schneider’s drafting as GM, we can assume that he is the sum of everything he experienced in his career in the NFL.  So I started in Excel and Input:  Year; His Position, the HC, the GM, some additional notes, The Draft Picks, the round they were drafted in and their position, and then I made it into a pivot table, and this would tell me over his 19 year NFL career, where the GM’s he has worked for, and learned from have typically drafted various positions, giving us some kind of idea where he given his experience would like to draft those positions.

So I then went to

To look at what they thought Seattle’s needs were.

1.            Cornerback:

2.            Strong Safety:

3.            Right Tackle:

4.            Left End:

5.            No. 1 Wide Receiver

6.            Right Guard/Center:

7.            Quarterback:

8.            Kicker:

I then looked at each of the positions listed to see where those particular positions were mostly drafted.

1.            Cornerback/Safety-5 Drafted in 1st, 4 Drafted in 2nd, 5 Drafted in 3rd , 4 drafted in the 6th

2.            Tackle-6 drafted in the 1st round (by far the most)

3.            Defensive End-3 in 4th round

4.            Wide Receiver-6 in 2nd round, 6 in 6th round

5.            Guard/Center-4 in 7th round

6.            Quarterback-4 in 5th round

7.            Kicker-1 in 6th round

Translation: Schneider Is most likely to select a tackle in the first round, loves WR’s in the second round, has no problems pulling the trigger on a Corner/Safety anywhere in the the draft, usually waits till the 4th to pick up DE’s, picks his QB’s in the 5th, goes Wide Receivers again in the sixth, and picks up his interior linemen in the 7th.

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