Getting To Know Your Lurkers - RagingAlot



(Down Under's version of Matt Hasselbeck [you get rec's and bragging rights if you can name this guy plus his nickname])

Purpose: Many lulz and to get 'Getting To Know Your Lurkers/Bloggers' sectioned for newcomers to check out the fanatics who make up Field Gulls. 

Username: RagingAlot (AKA: Aaron Abundo)

Nicknames:  Boondie, Bundy Bear

Member of Field Gulls Since: October 03, 2010 (user ID: dunno maybe 1337 [FIND ME MY USER ID])

How Field Gulls Found Me: Discovering FG was possibly the most significant moment of last year for me (besides finishing high school). Previously I would have found my Hawks info via the official website, Bleacherreport and the Seattle Times 'shudder'.

John Morgan - wish him well - and his ability to publish detailed, passionate yet thought provoking fanposts in a workhorse manner (4 incredibly different posts in one day: respect). Whiskey Chainsaw's pragmatic view's on pretty much anything about Seahawks (note without him I would be swimming in a field of illogical dreams). Pantless Scruffy and his knowledge of the Youtube section of ze Interwebs. Robert's 'WHAT IS A CAPS LOCK' rants. There are more members I would rec but that can wait. Ultimately FG is an awesome community, enough said.

My (clearly important) Involvement at Field Gulls: Traditional lurker, posting comments primarily on game threads(example: Kindly reminding people to not link the same story/Horrible horrible rants). Commenting with only underpants on. Throwing 'Domo' at computer screen after seeing another Seahawks blowout loss.

If i ever post an article it would probably be something with comedic value which voices my thoughts on the state of the Seahawks. I might make some catchphrases if uni life does not rob me of my life ("You just got Morgan'd" - Either JM or another fan posts a comment which renders your essay-like argument moot).

Might post Australian football codes and general news of my favourite teams (who you all shall root for folks [fist shake]) to help people who need their football fix if the lockout ever happens (If it does, God help us all).  

Personal Shiz Stuff: Aussie Seahawk fan here (YEAH another international NFL fan here). Was a fan of the Hawks when I played Madden 2003. They had cool uniforms (ironic as I learnt that they were the new uniforms). Didn't really closely follow the Seahawks (casually checking out if the Seahawks won or lose was my version of following my team) until this year (I guess I chose wisely; this period is one of promise for the Seahawks). It's really fucking hard to follow the Seahawks when the Australian Digital Television crew insists on showing the teams with Australian players playing (See punters of Cowboys, Buccaneers, Eagles and Cardinals). Then again I guess it's probably why I Iove this team; we get no love from the media (and the underdog tag). 

Uni undergraduate this year (In American terms, I think it means college freshman). Lived in Sydney for most of my life. Also lived in London in 2008. Yeah uni has not started yet anyway, so life has been slow. Played some version of Gridiron/Piggy in the middle with my mates where you chuck the ball at two people jumping on a trampoline. It ended with bruised heads and balls. Fun fun. 

I enjoy my share of animations (the Japanese ones), video games and websites. I would say some of my favourites but i'm lazy and I have a computer which can give me a blue screen of death when it feels like it.

Anyone got some recommendations of music I can listen to? So far I'm listening to Protest The Hero, The Mars Volta, Karnivool, Urthboy (last two are Australian check it out).

Hopefully this Australian NFL fan can help out with FG.


P.S: BrainL, Benne, Shrug (COME BACK YOU), Christian Bussey, Johnney Peel (DKSB), Coach Owens, SSreporters, IMIN4LIFE, Vasilii, Nate Dogg, abender20, Jacobstevens, DJ C-Raig, Chrees, Krazyleggs, Misfit74 (and the rest of the FG community not including trolls) are awesome.

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