OT: Field Gulls at the Movies

Benne edit:  I'm front-paging this as both this week's OT thread and a place to talk about the Oscars.  Rec it up so it doesn't get buried.

With it still being cold as fuck outside I'm still stuck inside watching movies. I love Netflix instant watch as it has allowed me to view movies that I would have normally never seen or heard of so I thought I'd make a fan post about it during a down time in football. I would love some input into Indy , mainstream , foreign , doc


umentary , snuff ..whatever movies you have seen or want to see. I'll start by naming a few I've seen in the last few months.


          * possibly not safe for your work. All these are youtube links but they can be violent.


* Red Riding Trilogy - I've only seen the first one but it was great. It's a couple of fictional stories that revolve around the real crimes of the Yorkshire Ripper.

* The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia- Umm wow these people are awesome they just don't give a fuck. I'm glad they don't live near me though. It's a great documentary. I'd imagine this is what it's like to be a Steeler fan.

* Trilogy The Millennium - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo , The Girl Who played with Fire,The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest. You can't walk into a super market these days without seeing these books in paperback. Really just a great Trilogy done in Sweden and I can't wait until Hollywood fucks it up.

* The Devil came on Horseback - A heartbreaking documentary about a former Marine turned monitor in Sudan and witnessed Genocide first hand. Unbelievable that in this day and age this stuff still happens.

* Dead Snow - Ok this movie involves two of my favorite things. Nazis getting killed and Zombies getting killed(er?). I realize that to some this whole zombie genre may have played itself out but I still love it but then again I've been training to fight zombies for the inevitable Zombipocalypes that will no doubt happen soon. Plus it pays homage to Sam Raimi.


Movies that I want to see - I saw the Devil* and Pirates of the Caribbean Four.

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