Seahawks 2010 - By The Numbers


Please add in the comments section as you see fit... this is a completely inexhaustive list of gimmicky and non-gimmicky numerical facts from the improbable season we just witnessed.

-9: Turnover differential.

-1: QB rating for Leon Washington.

0: Number of Pro Bowlers on the team.

0: Number of teams in NFL history, prior to 2010, who finished a season 8-10.

1: Number of wins, and also losses, in games started by Charlie Whitehurst.

1: Number of times the Hawks scored more than 31 points in the regular season; also number of times the Hawks scored more than 31 in the playoffs.

1: Regular-season games decided by less than a touchdown.

2: Amount of increase in wins from prior season.

3: Number of kick returns for TD's performed by Washington.

4.9: Average gain, in yards, on offensive plays.

5: Interceptions made by Earl Thomas.

7: Number of regular-season games won.

7: Number of regular-season games won, if only the Hawks had scored two more touchdowns in each game.

7: Number of different receivers who led the Hawks in single-game yardage. (Butler, Carlson, Stokley, Williams, Martin, Obomanu, Morrah)

7.7: Difference between QB ratings of Matt Hasselbeck and Charlie Whitehurst. (73.2 and 65.5 respectively)

8: Position in which the Hawks would have drafted had they lost in Week 17.

8: Number of Seahawks left from the 2006 Super Bowl roster. (Babineaux, Hasselbeck, Hill, Locklear, Spencer, Tatupu, Trufant, Willis, two of which are on IR)

11: Number of rookies on the final roster.

12: Amount of men it takes to manufacture a measurable seismic event.

13: Amount of yards by which Whitehurst outgained Julius Jones.

15: Number of different humans who caught a pass for the Hawks this year.

25.6: Kickoff return average for Washington.

35: Amount of NFL running backs who finished with more yards than the Hawks' team leader.

35.3: Percentage of successful fourth-down conversion attempts.

42: Amount of minutes the Giants held the ball in a 41-7 victory at Qwest Field.

67: Please.

97: Amount of points by which the Hawks were outscored. (Average game score: 19-25)

275: Roster moves.

379: Amount of yards allowed - in the second half alone - by the Hawks against the Chargers on September 26.

751: Amount, for Mike Williams, of 2010 receiving yards minus 2009 receiving yards.

1,424: Total team rushing yards

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