A Call to Every True 12th Man: Blitz Needs Your Help

Field Gullers,

This is the worst part of the calendar year for football fans; concurrently, this is the worst calendar year in recent history for football in general due to the labor negotiations and lockout. I've had to submit to the fact that checking Seahawks news twelve times a day will not make the labor deal get done any faster or improve the Seahawks' draft position, and it hurts.

That being said, our team has something considerably more significant to deal with than any labor deal.

My friend, Ryan Asdourian, otherwise known as Blitz, the Seahawks mascot, suffers on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others, but it's bad news all the same. He attends over 100 sports and charity events every year dressed up as Blitz, but underneath his costume and mask he's got something hiding that he feels constantly.

Ryan suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and needs the 12th Man's help.

You may remember me or user G'd Up posting about this last year, but there is an excellent opportunity to help an important member of our Seattle sports community fight a neurological disease that affects not only him, but more people in the Northwest than nearly anywhere else in the world.

Sunday, April 3rd, Ryan will be leading the way at the 2011 Walk MS at Husky Stadium as the leader of Team Blitz. Last year, as a banded group of friends and 12th Men, we won Biggest Team and Best Rookie Team awards and raised over $70,000 in only the team's first year! This year, it's time to double down in our efforts and crush last year's total for donations and team members.

Joining Team Blitz and donating to the team is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit to view the team's page, or to register yourself as a member and donate/begin fundraising. Even if you're not able to physically walk, your donations and membership help our team grow in meaningful ways and contribute little by little to helping Ryan rid the world of MS.

As the 12th Man, we make Qwest Field an intimidating place to play. We help our defense, help create false starts, even help create minor earthquakes.

With this much power in our voices, think about how much we can collectively do with our hearts, minds, walking shoes and donation dollars.

Thank you so much, and I know I can count on this community of ours to pull together to help one of our own.

Yours in 12,


PS... I encourage you to watch the videos below for more information about last year's efforts and other ways to spread the word.


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