What position the Seahawks should take at 25*

*Based purely on a very small sample size of the history of 25th overall picks from the Seahawks inception and on.

**Now with entirely subjective and opinionated grades!

Quarterback - Jason Campbell finally leads some sort of group at something! Good for him. He's been the best passer selected at 25th over all since 1976. Unfortunately for Jason Campbell, the rest of his class involves XFL MVP Tommy Maddox and rookie by the name of Tim Tebow.

Grade: D. Though Campbell and Tebow have plenty of time to change that.

Running Back - Remember the great Greg Hill? You do? How's the weather in Missouri? Being the best of the four running backs drafted at 25th overall, Greg Hill had 772 carries for just over 3300 yards in his 6 year career.. Which actually would beat the rest of the class combined in carries and yardage. (Rest of class: Terence Flagler, Vagas Fergusun and Dexter Carter)

Grade: F. Just bad.

Offensive Line - Three offensive linemen have been taken at 25th overall. They are Billy Milner (Tackle), Dave Rimmington (Center) and Jermane Mayberry (Guard). I suppose Mayberry gets the nod for starting 104 games, and making a Pro Bowl in 2002.  Rimmington had a five year stint with the Bengals but called it quits after two more with Philadelphia. Billy Milner played in 29 games as a tackle in his two years. Even made the All-Rookie team over Tony Boselli and Korey Stringer, both taken before him. A career ending neck injury ended it all too soon his second year.

Grade: D, with a side of what could have been.

Tight Ends - Two tight ends were taken at 25th over all. One was Todd Fowler who started 8 games in two years with Dallas. The other was Reese McCall who was apparently a starter during four of his five years with the Baltimore Colts. Then he become a bit player his last year with the Colts and for three more years in Detroit.

Grade: F. Sorry Reese McCall, I have no clue who you were.

Wide Receiver - It's hard to decide the best in class, however I'd say it's between Santonio Holmes and his future development or Stanley Morgan and his 13 year career. Morgan and Holmes have both for sure earned their right of being the 25th overall pick, and have both had the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl. While O.J. Mc Duffie managed 5000 yards in his 8 year career with the Dan Marino in Miami. The only true bust would have to be Freddie MItchell who's career line of 90 catches, 1263 yards and 5 touchdowns wouldn't beat some season of the rest of the class.

Grade: B+. No stars (yet), but only one real 'bust'.

Linebacker - Jon Beason has only played four years but I'd have to say that he's probably the best 25th overall pick to day. He easily outclasses Emmanuel King and Billy Cannon Jr. (Sorry about the injury Billy, I try not to hold that against guys.)  as the best linebacker and makes the class amongst the strongest position groups.

Grade: B. Just for Beason. I like Beason. A lot.

Defensive Tackle - Ted Washington 236 games for six different teams and managed a fifteen year career. Bad players don't last fifteen years. His prime was spent as a nose tackle in Buffalo, while he named All-Pro at his next destination (Chicago). Wikipedia says he played at up to 400 pounds at one point. The fact that he had a 15 year career is just mind blowing.  Chris Hovan and James White also had  very long careers with Minnesota, Hovan going on to Tampa after some time with the Vikes. They all appear on paper to be more run stuffing, line-of-scrimmage controlling mountains rather than penetrating sack artists, none averaging much more than three sacks per year.

Grade: L for longevity, B- for quality.

Defensive End - John Harris lasted two ineffective years with the Eagles, while Grant (a lifer with the Saints) got 27.5 of his 47 career sacks in his first the years, it took him five years to get his last 19. It's assumed his career is over.

Grade: D-

Defensive Back - The most selected contingency. 10 out of 36 Defensive Backs were taken at 25th overall. Vontae Davis and Mike Jenkins have been the most recent selections, and have shown that they could have solid futures in the NFL. Donovan Darius (SS), Louis Oliver (FS/SS), Rod Jones and Bobby Butler (CB) were all starters for the majorties of their careers (average about eight years each). Rod Hill and Ahmad Carroll, both corners, are probably the busts of the bunch.  If we're being specific it's clear that Bobby Butler is probably the best CB of the group, with Rod Jones behind. At least until one of the newbies proves otherwise.

Grade: C for either Safety or CB. It's about what you'd expect.

History has shown that the pick will probably be a DB or a Defensive Tackle. I'd also like to mention that while history shows plenty of lack-luster picks at 25th overall, the most recent six (Tebow, Davis, Jenkins, Beason, Holmes and Campbell) are considered by many to have productive pro careers. Hopefully we can continue this new trend?


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