The Baby Ospreys are Tweeting For Us

With a new batch of Ospreys coming in, also arrives a new set of tweets to decipher. For those of you who are new (or forgot in a drunken haze) after every game during the season, I compile the player's tweets. This satisfies our need for tabloid news, and also gives us some insight into our favorite players. Let's get into it.


EDITED to include new tweets.


James Carpenter (Rock Eater) . 

     1. "God is great!!! Headed tothe best NFL team the Seattle Seahawks!!"


John Moffitt .

     1. His account is protected, but his description is "I'm fatter in person". 


Kris Durham

     1. "Can't wait to be in Seattle Home of the true "

     2. "84 is my new jersey number "

     3. "Crazy couple of hours. Thanks for all the positive tweets. Can't wait to get to work.  <- best fans in the NFL...wouldn't want to be with anyone else"

     4. Excited about being a 

     5. " At dinner with @ Go"


Richard Sherman (Cock Sure)

     1. "God is great!!!!!!! Dreams do come true!!!!!!"

     2. "Thank you to everyone for the support and congratulations to All my other Stanford family in the draft I love all of you"

     3. "@ thank u I'm a huge fan of the 12th man"


K.J. Wright  

     1. "So happy... thanking God first.. got drafted and graduating!!"


"Dre" LeGree

     1. "Glad to be a seahawk! Thank God and everyone for the love and support!!!"


Lazarius "Pep" Levingston

     1. His account is also private. His description is "Always chillin and low keyed".


Malcolm Smith

     1. (From Steve Smith) "Seahawks @ yyeeeaaaaaa!!!!"


BMFMW (I know he isn't a Baby Osprey, but...)

     1. "I'm hoping we go after a FS or Left Tackle! Hhahahaha"

     2. (From Okung) ".... you ain't that funny" 

     3. "Hahaha I just texted PC.. Told him to draft some new uniforms"

     4. "James Carpenter looks like @ . Hahahaha...@ he do favor u a lil bit big bro 5.

 "'Hey there.. I see you have something on your breasts.... My eyes'-"

     6. "@ (Russell Okung) hahaha u good lil guy?"

     7. "@: @ wat do you think of @ bein another big man to help you out?" Actually he was drafted to replace me

     8. "Just heard about this Mendenhall stuff... Way to throw your player under the bus.."

     9.  "@: @ who do YOU want at quarterback?"-- Randall Cunningham

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