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The rumors have it these days that if the NFL loses its appeal in the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals that it will simply close it's doors and let the players sweat it out until they concede defeat. Most people believe this to be a scare tactic but if push came to shove and actual regular season games were missed what would it mean for you?

Would you boycott the NFL? A recent poll conducted revealed that almost 20% of people are less likely to continue to watch the NFL if any games are missed. Now, the wording on that is pretty vague: "less likely?" Hell yes, I'm less likely to watch the NFL if games are missed. But we're talking maybe a 99% chance compared to 100% likely to watch every Hawks game if they figured it out tomorrow. I simply could not quit football if I tried. However, half of that 20% answered "much less likely," which I would assume meant they're so pissed they'd lose interest in it.

To a more casual fan that is, say, more into the NBA, NHL, NCAA sports etc, walking away from the NFL wouldn't be that big of a deal and that could be VERY expensive for the NFL. They're enjoying a time when football's popularity is insanely high and they're making millions on it - I remember late in the NFL regular season hearing that a Monday Night Game between like the Jaguars and Titans or something boring got better ratings than a game of THE WORLD SERIES. That's ridiculous.

So go ahead NFL. Kill the Golden Goose if that's what you must do. A lot of people will keep watching whenever you decide to open up the doors because they love the NFL so much. But if, as this poll suggests, upwards of 20% of people stop caring as much and even if only 5% stop watching - you're going to lose a lot of that money you're fighting tooth and nail for by locking the players out. 

I was alerted to an online petition that Yahoo has set up so I wanted to pass on the details:

Yahoo! Sports Encourages Fans to Rally to Restore Football

Online Petition Seeks One Million Signatures to Give a Voice to Fans
& Save the NFL Season

WHAT: The Rally to Restore Football is an online petition hosted by Yahoo! Sports, the No. 1 sports site on the Internet, to give football fans an opportunity to voice their passion and help save the NFL season. Fans can sign the petition here. Once the petition reaches 1 million signatures, Yahoo! will deliver a letter on behalf of the fans to the NFL and to the Players Association in an effort to try and restore the 2011 football season. The petition, available on Facebook, lets fans sign, share, and declare their right to watch football! Please join the movement and help Yahoo! Sports keep the NFL season alive!

WHY: Not having a NFL season would leave an irreplaceable void in the sports world - this is just too important not to rally for. The NFL owners and players are making decisions that impact millions of citizens. Now, Yahoo! Sports wants to empower fans and make their voices heard. The Rally To Restore Football petition gives fans an opportunity to help save the NFL season. Remember, this isn't just about saving touchdowns and turf. The Rally to Restore Football is also about making sure we have something to do with our families on Sunday, supporting the stadium workers, keeping sports bars open, and cheerleaders and cheering - we all depend on football.

WHEN: May 3, 2011 until 1 million fans sign The Rally to Restore Football here.

WHERE: Fans are encouraged to sign up at facebook.

Please join the movement and help Yahoo! Sports keep the NFL season alive!

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