On the Airwaves: Kris Durham with Ian Furness 950 KJR

ATHENS GA - NOVEMBER 27: Kris Durham #16 of the Georgia Bulldogs takes this reception down the field for a touchdown against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Sanford Stadium on November 27 2010 in Athens Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Kris Durham was on KJR with Ian Furness yesterday and although he didn't divulge anything groundbreaking, it was interesting nonetheless to hear from one of the newest Seahawks. Furness started out with the background story a bit and asked Durham about the pre-draft process and what kind of contact he had with the Seahawks. Durham replied

"I came into Seattle on a visit, at that point you couldn't actually work people out, but I came in on a visit and met all the coaches, you know, John Schneider, I mean I met with everybody in the organization. I kind of went through an interview process, they got to know me, I got to know them. Fortunately they believed in me, and I'm thankful they picked me."

Furness then went on to ask him about his workouts with Charlie Whitehurst and how that got organized. Durham explained,

"Well, I actually kind of lucked out. Charlie's from the same area that I'm from, and he went to Clemson, which is right down the road from where I went, the University of Georgia, and we happened to have the same trainer. After I got done with the Combine and Pro Day workouts, I started working out with my trainer named Ryan Golden, who Charlie is actually working out with. So you know, we've thrown the ball around a few times, and kind of just worked together a few times. Then when Seattle picked me, we've just kind of gone from there. We've gone through routes, and he's explained some of the offense to me. We throw twice a week together and work out together every day."

This part is good to hear and if Charlie is indeed our starter going into 2011 this chemistry could be huge, considering we're already at a point in the offseason where OTAs and Mini-camps should be happening. Getting timing down with receivers is huge and and we saw this with the chemistry Whitehurst had with Ruvell Martin in the limited game action they had together last season. You throw with a guy on the 2nd team and you start to develop a rhythm and connection with the guy and good things can happen. At best, this is something we could see paying dividends down the line. At worst, it's getting Durham acclimated to the system. 

Furness asked Durham about what type of receiver he is and expects to be for the Hawks. Durham had this to say:

"My role on the team varied from game to game, but my main goal is to win. I just want to win games, win Championships, that's the reason I went to Georgia, and that's what I want to bring to the Seahawks' organization. Whatever it takes for us to win is what I'm going to give, I mean, that's the name of the game and that's what I want to do. 

"It's funny because I played a lot of slot in college, but I also played outside. The thing is that I knew the best way for me to get onto the field as a freshman was by knowing every position, so I'm pretty comfortable playing everywhere on the field. My first three years playing i was more effective on the inside, but over the course of this last season, where I was able to take over playing in AJ's (Green) spot, I was very effective on the outside. I think I could be effective in either one. Preferably, I do like the outside, but I have no problems playing inside in the slot role."

Later on in the interview, they get back to the Charlie Whitehurst discussion and Furness asks Durham to describe Charlie in more depth. Here's how Durham replied:

"Charlie, you know I've lived with Matthew Stafford, we're best friends, I compare Charlie a lot with arm strength and just knowledge of the game with Matt, just because that's the best quarterback I've ever been with, so I just think they're very similar. You know, knowing an offense, knowing how to read a defense, just throwing the ball. So I look for Charlie to do a lot of big things when he's given the opportunity."

"He definitely has leadership skills... - he's already set up, you know, on Thursday we're throwing, and I got AJ Green, he's going to be out there, Matthew Stafford, Titus Young, Ben Hartsock from the Jets, Shaun Chapas, a recent Dallas Cowboys draft pick. We're all going out there to a high school field and we're all going to go work out and throw, and just get used to everything."

On whether Durham has received a playbook from the Seahawks:

"I wasn't able to (get a playbook). Charlie got a packet with the formations and different things like that. He's shared that with me, and so we've started going through the routes and things like that. That's actually what we're working on when we go out and throw."

All in all I'm glad to hear Charlie's working out with some top guys - Durham didn't mention it (I don't think, it kind of was garbled due to bad connection), but another player that's been working out with Stafford and Durham is former Georgia Tech WR and current Matt Stafford teammate Calvin Johnson. This type of thing can only pay dividends for the players that are locked out at the moment so it's nice to see they're being proactive. 

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