Another Way to Look at Seattle's 2011 NFL Draft

Though this is a bit of a reach, it makes a little sense to take a look at the picks the Hawks traded away in this year's draft as well to get a better look at the "draft class" as a whole. You've all seen who the Hawks chose and though there was a bit of disappointment in the air at the lack of any big names, I think most of us have accepted that you can't solve every problem in one draft. We didn't get our QB of the Future. We didn't help ourselves much on the defensive line. We still have a lot of holes on both offense and defense. However, if you factor in the picks Seattle gave up for players last season, the class starts looking a little different.

To really grasp the work the Hawks did with this year's actual draft stock, I've added in the players we acquired for 2011 NFL Draft picks:

25. James Carpenter, tackle, Alabama.
75. John Moffitt, guard, Wisconsin.
89. Charlie Whitehurst, quarterback, Clemson
99. K.J. Wright, linebacker, Mississippi State.
107. Kris Durham, wide receiver, Georgia.
122. Marshawn Lynch, running back, Cal
154. Richard Sherman, defensive back, Stanford.
156. Mark LeGree, safety, Appalachian State.
173. Byron Maxwell, special teamer, Clemson.
190. Kentwan Balmar, defensive tackle/defensive end, North Carolina
205. Lazarius Levingston, defensive tackle/defensive end, LSU.
227. Stacey Andrews, right tackle, Mississippi
242. Malcolm Smith, linebacker, USC.

Because I believe this is exactly the way the Seahawks view this thing, it sort of does change your perspective a bit on the class as a whole. We picked up a quarterback, Charlie Whitehurst, in the third round, that has a '50-50' chance of starting for the Hawks this year and at worst is a guy that can come in and manage your offense if your starter goes down. In the 4th round, we got our feature running back that has a chance to rush for over 1000 yards in 2011 in Marshawn Lynch. In the 6th round, we picked up depth on the defensive line in Kentwan Balmer - a guy that can play at several spots along the line and at one point was considered talented enough to warrant a 1st round pick. In the 7th round, we got a starting caliber right tackle in Stacy Andrews - who could provide good depth at tackle if kept on for 2011. Though many people see him being dropped now that James Carpenter is in town, perhaps John Schneider can work his contract renegotiating skills and keep him around to compete for the job. It never hurts to have quality depth on the offensive line, especially at tackle. 

When you take a step back and look at the draft class this way, it starts to make a little more sense. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are just now starting year two of their stewardship of the Seahawks, and the full picture of their vision is still coming together. Though it may be a bit of revisionist's history, when you're being literal with the term 'draft stock' as it pertains to a class - this is how the Seahawks' 2011 NFL Draft went.

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