Your Morning Coffee and Cigarettes

When you're done reading what Field Gulls has to offer, check out these links to Seahawks and/or NFL related articles I found interesting. Keep in mind I'm manically obsessed with the NFL, so if you don't find them interesting I'm not going to judge you for it.  Nonetheless, peruse at your leisure. If you're not into links, please just carry on living your life.

Seahawks Blog | Commish calls in with Seahawks' season-ticket holders | Seattle Times Newspaper - Danny O'Neil sums up a recent conference call Seahawks' season ticket holders had with NFL Commish Roger Goodell.

2011 Draft: Durham and the Wide Receiving Corps: Matthew Huett of Seahawks Addicts has a nice piece on new Seahawks' WR Kris Durham.

LEO’s in preview: Jenkins, Massaqoui and Upshaw " Seahawks Draft Blog: Rob Staton puts together a list of LEO candidates to keep an eye on this fall.

49ers' pass rush needed another Smith - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: Doug Farrar breaks down the addition of Aldon Smith to the 49ers' lineup.

McDaniels a big fan of WR Amendola - NFL - Yahoo! Sports: Yahoo Sports' whispers from around the league. 

Breaking down the 2012 WR class | National Football Post: Wes Bunting breaks down which receivers he thinks could have an impact in next year's draft.

FP - Bold Prediction Time: When Will First NFL Game Be Played This Year?: Cris Collinsworth predicts how this lockout business will end up.

Matt Flynn aspires to start - Says Andy Benoit, "The Packers would presumably like to keep Flynn around as a long-term backup. But that could change if a desperate team decides to take a gamble and make a Charlie Whitehurst-like offer for Flynn."

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post: A weekly column by Dan Pompei that's always worth a read. Says Pompei on 'impact assistants': Tom Cable, Seahawks offensive line. You can't underestimate the value of a solid offensive line coach who gets his players to use proper technique, brings the best out of individuals and then gets them to work in unison. Cable could have the same kind of effect on the Seahawks that Mike Tice had on the Bears last year.

The 2011 Running Back Market - Offseason Low Down - Chris Wesseling takes a look at the free agent running backs around the league and predicts where they'll end up.

NFL looking into allegations - Apparently all this 'tampering' going on in the NFL isn't going unnoticed. Gulp. Blogs " Blog Archive Is Leinart a fit for Seahawks? ": The folks at and the NFL network take a look at the Seahawks' QB situation. news: A Leinart-Carroll reunion wouldn't solve QB issues in Seattle: Michael Lombardi doesn't have much faith in Matt Leinart. news: Plenty of reasons to still be interested in adding Young:'s Pat Kirwen makes a case for Vince Young.

Kevin Vickerson has dropped 30 pounds since last season | National Football Post: Interesting - the former Seahawk is down to 285.


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