Coffee and Cigarettes

Here's a great set of links to start your morning. And I'm not talking sausage links, people. 

The latest on the Carson Palmer situation " Seahawks Draft Blog: Rob Staton checks in with the latest about the Carson Palmer trade rumor front. A must read.

"Palmer's threats to retire were real, but also made in reaction to Cincinnati's decision to announce publicly that he'd requested a trade - something he didn't expect. The quarterback felt a move was best for both parties and wanted it to be an amicable split initiated behind the scenes. The Bengals have since moved on by drafting Andy Dalton who should start as a rookie if the 2011 season ever begins. Although the media have been reporting on battle lines being drawn, I think both parties are less entrenched than some think and there's a very real sense that a deal is possible. That's not to say that things can't change because while the NFL is mired in litigation, nothing can officially be completed. However, two sources used the words ‘done deal' to describe Palmer's potential move to the Seahawks."

Very, very intriguing.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Conceding the Ryan Mallett Anti-Hype: Brandon Adams with another very well-written piece about Ryan Mallett, the Seahawks QB predicament, and his pre-draft/post-draft impressions of the two. 

Jake Locker Film Study #1 - Oregon State - 1st Half - Music City Miracles: Tennessee has embraced their new franchise QB and are offering up some interesting articles on him. I figure Jake was in our news so much for the last few years that some of you would like to keep up on what he's doing. I know I'll follow his career closely.

Mel Kiper’s 2012 big board & Jerrod Johnson on the UFL " Seahawks Draft Blog: Rob checks in on UDFA Jerrod Johnson and offers some thoughts. 

Chat wrap: Free-agent options for Rams - NFC West Blog - ESPN: Mike Sando answers some questions:

"Dan Grimm (Ojai, Calif.): Mike, what do you make of the Mebane situation playing out for Seattle? I understand he's not worth big big franchise type of money, but is there any viable options if he walks? I was surprised that he threw teammates under the bus when talking about his own production and stated that he wasn't in the plans for the team.

Mike Sando: Brandon Mebane's situation is a classic example of what happens when new leadership takes over. The new leadership values inherited players only to a point. The new leadership hears about how great Mebane can be, shrugs a little bit and says to itself, 'We'll be fine either way.' Seattle values Mebane more after not addressing the defensive tackle position in the draft, but the team isn't going to back up the Brinks truck, either."

Offseason reset: Breaking down the running back market - NFL - Sporting News
Offseason reset: Breaking down the receiver market - NFL - Sporting News
Offseason reset: Breaking down the linebacker market - NFL - Sporting News
Offseason reset: Breaking down the defensive line market - NFL - Sporting News
Offseason reset: Breaking down the offensive line market - NFL - Sporting News

As you can see, a five-part series on free agency from Sporting News. Nothing really outstanding in the series, but it's an interesting read in this slow part of the year.

Matt Barkley 2012 NFL Draft prospect notes - Mocking The Draft: Jon Dove of Mocking the Draft takes a look at Matt Barkley and offers some notes.

11th to 20th Offensive Players - Mocking The Draft: More from MTD about the 2012 Draft Class.

Behind the video tape: NFL Films’ Greg Cosell breaks down Miami Dolphins’ offense, Chad Henne, Mike Pouncey, Carson Palmer | The Daily Dolphin: Very interesting piece put together from what I believe was a twitter conversation Cosell had about a number of different NFL players. If you don't know, Cosell is the man behind NFL films and spends his life watching game tape that pretty much no one else has access to. He's a brilliant resource. Here's what he had to say about Carson Palmer:

"I still like Carson Palmer, but I don't think he's the quarterback he was from 2005-07, when he was probably the third-best quarterback in football," Cosell said. "Since he's hurt his arm I think he's not the same, but I think he still can be a top-10 type of quarterback." Cosell said Palmer is a better option for the Dolphins to win in 2011 than Kyle Orton or Kevin Kolb. "I was never a fan of the Bengals' offense. It was very predictable from a pass game standpoint," Cosell said. "So to me, he's the best bet of those three."

If Cosell believes that Palmer can still be top-10, I believe him.

Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Larry Fitzgerald Says Not to Read Anything Into Him Working Out with Donovan McNabb in the Desert: Transcript of an interview with Larry Fitzgerald, where he brings up Matt Leinart. Since Leinart has been linked to the Hawks, I figured I'd include what he said:

"On why he thinks Matt Leinart failed in the NFL as a QB: "I wouldn't go as far as to say he failed or anything like that. We just went in a different direction. Matt's a heck of a player. I think you can all attest for that watching him grow up in the LA area, playing at SC, Heisman Trophy, National Championships, he's got all the ability that you could ever want in a quarterback. The things just didn't work out here in Arizona, but the future is still bright for him. He has time to latch onto a team and lead another organization."

Fitzgerald is a class act and of course he's not going to badmouth Leinart, but if there's any truth in his words here it's interesting. - Mara: 'We need to resolve our differences with the players'. "Giants president and CEO John Mara wrote an editorial on the team's website on Thursday explaining the owners' stance in the current labor dispute and why a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is important. Mara was a part of the negotiating team on the NFL's side for a new CBA before negotiations stopped earlier this week." news: Don't expect the NFL to shut down, no matter what: Jason La Canfora with a dose of something positive. 

Twitter / @Peter King: "Asked Sal gut feel where Kolb ends up. "Arizona ... a slam dunk as much as you can have a slam dunk.'' But only if Phl likes compensation."

Matt Flynn has starter's talent, minus rocket arm - NFL - Sporting News: Russ Lande with another great report on a backup QB that has been linked to the Seahawks. FWIW, he scored a bit higher than Kevin Kolb; 7.7 out of 9. Don't ask me why they did it out of 9 vs out of 10. 

NFL: No harm, no foul -"The NFL's investigation into reports of improper contact between players and NFL coaches has turned up no evidence of wrongdoing, a league spokesman said Thursday. "Not at this point," said Greg Aiello, the league's senior vice president of public relations. "It's not an investigation, per se. We're monitoring what's taken place and follow up on various reports, then follow up on any specific information." But there has been no evidence of improper conduct, said Aiello."

Broncos not in the mix for 'Hard Knocks' - Two down, Seahawks to go.

Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Okung Stopped By | The Yolanda Adams Morning Show: An interview with Russell Okung from the Yolanda Adams Morning Show.

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