Know Your Enemy

I'm referencing the Rage Against the Machine version of Know Your Enemy, not Green Day. Also, if you're not into music, Sun Tzu was all about knowing your enemy too. Here's a little recon of what's going on around the NFC West, SBNation-wise.


Looking back: The aftermath of that fateful week 17 game. - Turf Show Times: How the futures of two NFC West teams were changed in one regular season game. Really interesting read from the Rams' point of view. A must read.

Public Service Announcement: The St. Louis Rams are not a charity for aging receivers - Turf Show TimesMore talk about the St. Louis Rams as a potential suitor for Plaxico Burress. But do the Rams really need an aging wide receiver taking snaps away from their younger players? Man, the Rams and the Hawks have more in common than I thought.

More thoughts on John Greco and the St. Louis Rams interior line - Turf Show TimesFixing the St. Louis Rams interior line is a priority. Which players should the team avoid?

St. Louis Rams WR Danny Amendola won't come cheap forever - Turf Show TimesSt. Louis Rams WR Danny Amendola has been compared by many to Wes Welker. Will he command a similar contract in the near future?

Can Austin Pettis be the St. Louis Rams #1 wide receiver? - Turf Show TimesDoes Austin Pettis look like a future #1 wide receiver? The St. Louis Rams would like to find out real soon.

Defining the number one wide receiver - Turf Show TimesHow do teams define a number one wide receiver? Do the St. Louis Rams have anyone with that kind of potential?

Fendi Onobun learning the St. Louis Rams playbook with an eye on securing a roster spot - Turf Show TimesSt. Louis Rams TE Fendi Onobun has been working hard this offseason, learning the new playbook and improving his ability as a blocker. Will it be enough for him to keep a spot on the Rams roster?

History says the St. Louis Rams might keep just three tight ends - Turf Show TimesHow many tight ends will the St. Louis Rams keep on their roster? History provides a little insight into Josh McDaniels' thinking on the matter.


2011 49ers Draft Picks: RB Coach Robert Gillespie On Kendall Hunter - Niners NationWe speak with Robert Gillespie, who served two years as running backs coach for one of the newest 49ers Kendall Hunter.

San Francisco 49ers 2010 Draft, One Year Later: RB - Anthony Dixon - Niners NationSan Francisco 49ers 2010 Draft, One Year Later: RB- Anthony Dixon.

49ers 2011 Draft Picks Best/Worst Case Scenarios: Chris Culliver - Niners NationA look at the best and worst case scenarios for the San Francisco 49ers' third round pick, defensive back Chris Culliver.

The Summary Of The Gist Of Alex Smith: Passing Notes To Jim Harbaugh? - Niners NationWe take a look at the continuing developments in Alex Smith's potential return to the 49ers in 2011.

49ers 2011 Draft Picks Best/Worst Case Scenarios: Colin Kaepernick - Niners NationA look at the best and worst case scenarios for Colin Kaepernick for his immediate future with the San Francisco 49ers.

Coach Jim Harbaugh: The Impact Of Having An Offensive Coach Versus A Defensive Coach - Niners NationWe look at the issue of having an offensive-minded head coach versus a defensive-minded head coach and how it could impact 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. A good piece and something to consider since the Hawks have a defensive minded head coach. 


SBN AZ Classic: Comparing Matt Leinart To Al Gore In 2000 - Revenge of the BirdsLooking back at a previous column, we look at how sports and politics can mirror one another. Comparing the Cardinals 2010 preseason to the 2000 presidential elections.

Derek Anderson Wasn't Bad At Everything, But Was Wrong Fit For Cardinals - Revenge of the BirdsDerek Anderson turned out to be above average in throwing the deep ball in 2010. The problem is that he did not fit the cardinals offense.

Alex Smith Likely To Return To 49ers, Cardinals Fans Rejoice - Revenge of the BirdsReportedly the 49ers will have Alex Smith to start for them in 2011. Cardinals fans are cheering for two things, his not coming to Arizona and his returning to SF to not do a good job.

Arizona Cardinals 2011 Schedule: About Early Road Games - Revenge of the BirdsA look at the NFl schedule shows the Cardinals have a lot of early games this season.

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