Seahawks Weekly Wrap-Up

Here's your chance to go back and take a look at some of the really really, ridiculously awesome articles we've provided you here at Field Gulls over the last week if you were too busy the last few days "doing things with your family" or "working at your job where they pay you" or "learning to read" or "you just found the internet".

Cris Collinsworth With a Heavy Dose of NFL Lockout Pragmatism - Field Gulls: Cris Collinsworth's take on the lockout and what needs to get done for football to happen in 2011.

Running Back By Committee Is Dumb for Fantasy Football But Good For Real Life Football - Field Gulls: I took a look at some stats concerning the use of a 'stud' back or a running back by committee and how that relates to the Hawks.

Ten Best Crucial Plays of 2010 #6 - The Upset Plot Thickens - Field Gulls: Benne with his great ongoing series of crucial plays from the Hawks 2010 series.

Appalachian State Defensive Backs Coach Scot Sloan on Mark LeGree - Field Gulls: I was able to chat with Mark LeGree's defensive backs coach from Appalachian State, Scot Sloan, and he had some great stuff to say about the new Seahawk.

More on this Matt Leinart-Seattle Seahawk Business - Field Gulls: I touched again on the Matt Leinart rumors, and consulted with Revenge of the Birds' Jess Root for some input.

2011 Free Agency Primer: Offense - Field Gulls: A warm up for the free-agency dash. This piece focuses on the offensive side of the ball.

Gull Poll: Offensive Big Fish in Free Agency - Field Gulls: A poll where nearly 1000 readers (I'm seriously impressed with the amount of lurking that goes on here) responded to which FA they would like to pursue most. I'll give you a clue: He's big and hairy and mean looking.

An Interview With New Seattle Seahawk Mark LeGree - Field Gulls: Jacson was able to catch up with newest Seahawk safety Mark LeGree and provides a great interview.

Seahawks 2011 Schedule: More Notes and Storylines - Field Gulls: I took a look at the 2011 schedule again and tried to predict some storylines.

Jameson Konz and the H-Back Position in the Seahawks' Offense - Field Gulls: I took a more in-depth look at Jameson Konz and where he might fit into the Hawks' offense in 2011.

5 Questions for Seahawks Draft Blog's Rob Staton - Field Gulls: I caught up with SDB's Rob Staton for a great interview on some potential prospects.

Seahawks on Twitter. - Field Gulls: What are the Hawks saying on twitter (besides the mostly unintelligible hieroglyphics we see)?

More on UDFA QB Adam Froman With Scouting by Doug Farrar - Field Gulls: Doug Farrar provided me a great scouting report on Adam Froman, a player the Hawks might be interested in for rookie free agency.

Golden Tate and the Seahawks' Offense, Part I - Field Gulls: I took a look at where Golden Tate, last year's 2nd round draft pick, might contribute to the Hawks offense in 2011.

Throwbacks, Uniform Design Changes in the Works for the Seahawks - Field Gulls: The title says it all.

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