Coffee and Cigarettes

Good morning Twelves. Here are some things that you should be reading whilst having your morning cup o'Joe!

Matt Hasselbeck the cream of free-agent quarterback crop - NFL - Sporting News: Very, very interesting read as Russ Lande puts Matt Hasselbeck ahead of Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb, Matt Flynn, and any of the other "available" QBs and says "Hasselbeck is a high-end QB who has not received much national recognition due to playing in Seattle." Scruffy Lefty noted that perhaps Lande should stop watching 2005 tape of Matt Hasselbeck when making these scouting reports but all joking aside, intriguing .... chin scratching... intriguing... yess... indeeeed. If you completely ignore statistics and just go by the tape as Lande appears to be doing here, maybe I've sold Hasselbeck short? news: Surprise first-round pick Carpenter eager to start NFL career: Good piece on James Carpenter (that guy we just drafted in the first round). On the lockout: "I want to learn everything I can about my offense. I'm ready to get up there and get to work. I hope this ends quick. The best I can do right now is keep training and hopefully when I get there I can pick it up. I'm a fast learner and that offense is a lot like what we did at Alabama with the zone blocking."

On whether he's been told he'll be the starting right tackle, opposite last season's first-round pick, left tackle Russell Okung: "Coach (Pete) Carroll told me I'm going to have to compete. I don't know where I am going to end up playing, but I'm going to have to compete for whatever I get."

Seahawks' strength and conditioning coach wants players to buy into his program | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune: Great piece by Eric Williams on the Hawks' strength coach, Chris Carlisle. Take a gander.

2011 Free Agents: Special Teams | May: Seahawks' Addicts take a look at some special teams players that could be available through free agency once the lockout is lifted. My vote would be for ATL's K/P Michael Koenen. I actually played hoops against him in high school and I'm sure he totally remembers me and would hook me up with some game tickets. Also, he played at Western (RIP Football Program), so that's cool. news: Bengals owner holds firm on denial of Palmer's trade request: Albert Breer reports on the latest doo doo to come out of Mike Brown's mouth about the Carson Palmer situation. 

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Bengals: Palmer Still Not Up for Trade: Brandon Adams with a good piece on the Carson Palmer rumors percolating through the internets these days and his personal take on what they mean.

Brown denies Palmer talk, but what did you expect? " Seahawks Draft Blog: Rob tries to talk some sense into us and sticks by his source(s) assertion that a deal could still be made. For what it's worth, I see this latest "news" about Brown as posturing. The deal might not go through, but these comments by Mike Brown should be taken with a grain of salt. 

What is the Norris-LaGuardia Act? The legal issue at the core of Brady v. NFL | Smart Football: For you masochists among us that like to read about the legal background as it pertains to the Lockout, Chris Brown provides a very detailed look at the Norris LaGuardia Act. If I were being honest, I'd tell you that I didn't read this but I know that a lot of Field Gulls readers eat this stuff up so I thought I'd pass it on.

Aaron Maybin trying to shed bust label he's earned | National Football Post: Apparently Aaron Maybin is hanging on by a thread in Buffalo. If he were to be dropped, I wouldn't put it past Pete Carroll to offer him a tryout. I don't think he would get a spot, but why not try out the former first rounder if he gets dropped?

Brian Lainhart, Kent State, NFL Draft - - Ballhawking free safety that went undrafted. Led the BCS in career interceptions. Just throwing it out there. Here's the good part of the scouting report: Positives: Solid Cover-2 deep safety with awareness and hands to make plays versus the pass if quarterbacks do not hold him with their eyes. Fair backpedal smoothness, good short-area quickness for a safety. Uses size and long arms to handle outside receiver effectively when corners brought on blitz. Breaks down well in space to prevent ballcarriers from escaping his wrap tackles. Regularly brought into the box versus the run. Has length and good upper-body strength to wrap up strong running backs around the line of scrimmage. Seals edge when near the line, takes on pulling guard to force run plays inside. Team captain in 2010.

Does that not sound like a Pete Carroll guy?

NFL Stadium Rankings - Holla, Qwest Field!

Alshon Jeffery Player Profile - Mocking The Draft: MTD takes a look at the talented WR.

Ex-Seahawk WR will bring combine to Kennewick - Sports: Eric Degerman | Tri-City Herald : Mid-Columbia news: Jordan Kent Y'all! Not very topical, but pertains loosely to the Seahawks.

Rex Ryan revisits Vernon Gholston failure - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN: This is an old article but I found it when I was half-jokingly daydreaming that the Hawks should kick the tires on Gholston. The guy was a beast at LEO for Ohio State and was drafted 6th overall by a 3-4 team. Kind of a crappy situation for the DE and he has struggled mightily in the NFL so far. Pretty much a consensus thought that someone will pick him up and give him another shot, especially considering he'll come cheap. So... he'll need to find a team with a history of giving players a second shot that runs a 4-3 defense with a LEO end. Know anybody like that?

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