Coffee and Cigarettes

I'll be honest with you, not a whole lot is going on right now. Here are some stories that I found interesting.

Offseason rewind: Can Whitehurst lead Hawks? | Seahawks Insider: Eric Williams puts together a really intriguing argument for why he thinks the Hawks will go with Charlie Whitehurst in 2011. "While Hasselbeck possesses more playmaking ability and would allow Seattle to do more in new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell's scheme because of his quick thinking at the line of scrimmage, I think Carroll could be leaning toward handing over the reins to Whitehurst for a couple reasons.

First, Whitehurst will not take as many risks, can move a little better outside the pocket, and still possesses a strong enough arm to keep defenses honest with the deep ball. He's basically the game manager that Carroll is looking for, allowing the Seahawks to become more run-oriented offensively and to play from a defensive mindset by limiting turnovers and controlling field position - something all defensive-minded head coaches want to do.

Second, the team is set to pay Whitehurst $4 million next season if he's on the opening day roster, meaning one of the highest paid guys on the team would be sitting the bench. The Seahawks would have to hand over at least $7 million in guaranteed money for Hasselbeck to return, along with committing to him as the starter for probably the next two seasons."

He breaks Whitehurst down further and breaks down some replays in his arguments. Overall a really good read.

University of Washington Official Athletics Site Blog: Matt Hasselbeck shows up for a UW Girls Softball game and provides an entertaining interview with the radio broadcast team. I'd give it a listen if you're bored - Hass is a pretty funny guy. 

What's the Plan? | National Football Post: Andrew Brandt, a very good business analyst of what's going on with the NFL lockout, checks in with what the players plan might be.

"Change of plan:  Last week's Court ruling put a dent in the strategy and may cause a different plan. As the eminent philosopher and negotiator Mike Tyson once said "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face."

With the Court's resounding rebuke of Judge Nelson, it is expected that the 2-1 majority view is unlikely to change their opinion of Nelson's handling of the case. The response from the NFLPA was "The NFL's request for a stay of the lockout that was granted today means no football." Pointing the finger at the other side has been a trademark of this dispute, with both the NFL and NLFPA playing the "it's their fault" game. Smith even accused the NFL of "suing to stop football", although he is named counsel for the plaintiffs bringing the lawsuit in Brady v. NFL."

Mike Holmgren makes no guarantees for Colt McCoy | National Football Post: The Walrus made an appearance on NFL Network today and declared a QB battle is in order. news: NFL plans to fine teams that commit multiple flagrant hits: New rule changes in the works for the NFL. Funny timing considering there is no end in sight to the lockout. 

"The NFL will punish teams next season if their players commit multiple flagrant hits that result in fines. The punishment will be financial, although league vice president Adolpho Birch said Tuesday that he didn't rule out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell applying further sanctions such as stripping teams of draft choices."

Mark LeGree Interview…..# 2 " Where Random and Sport Collide: Zach Cocoran, amateur Miley Cyrus Mark LeGree highlight video maker, and also LeGree's good friend, interviewed the Seahawks new safety back in 2008 and again in March, and it's a funny, interesting read.

Former Bengals WR Cris Collinsworth on the NFL Labor Situation, Carson Palmer and More - Cincy Jungle: Cris Collinsworth with more on this Carson Palmer drama.

What are the Bengals thinking with Carson Palmer? | National Football Post: Matt Bowen on this situation: "Where would he end up for the 2011 season? Seattle, Miami, Oakland and Arizona are the first teams that come to mind due to the fact that are far from settled at QB. They need an upgrade and Palmer would provide that. Walks in as your opening day starter. However, before it even gets to that stage, Brown and the team need to start thinking about shopping the QB at some point this summer. Because forcing him to retire gets you nothing at all."

Can the 49ers run the 'read option' with Kaepernick? | National Football Post: Matt Bowen takes a look at the "read option" with Colin Kaepernick and how it relates to the 49ers offense this season.

Introducing the new logo, introducing new uni’s? " Seahawks Draft Blog: Rob has a new logo design and he expounds a little bit about the proposed uniform changes for the Seahawks. 

Finally, Pro Football Focus has put together some interesting articles lately, and though they do a great job of putting together articles like this, as with a lot of statistics, you have to take everything with grain of salt. 

Cornerbacks: Cover Snaps Count | Kelly Jennings statistics in this article might have you surprised.

Tackling Corners | According to this study, Kelly Jennings only missed 2 tackles in 2010.

Tackling Safeties | Earl Thomas' statistics in this article might surprise you as well.

Drop Percentage | The main thing I took from this article is that Braylon Edwards really improved on his drops in 2010 - something to keep in mind as free agency nears. news: Ex-Bengal Fitzpatrick calls Palmer-Brown situation a 'stalemate': Ryan Fitzpatrick weighs in on his former teammate Carson Palmer and the stalemate between him and Mike Brown.

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