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Mornin' ya'll, how we doing today? Here are your links to browse and enjoy.

Early returns favor splurging for Kevin Kolb - NFC West Blog - ESPN: Mike Sando on Kevin Kolb's trade value: "I'd be inclined to give up less than a first-round choice for Kolb on the suspicion that the market might not be as strong as the Eagles would like other teams to believe, and amid questions about whether Kolb qualifies as a franchise quarterback. But if the Cardinals feel more strongly about Kolb's abilities, price isn't much of a concern. Franchise quarterbacks are too valuable to pass up."

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Four Downs: NFC West: Football Outsiders confirms what we all believe, that our defensive line depth is a big problem. "If we believe Schneider has a quarterback plan, then the biggest hole on the Seahawks is depth along the defensive line. The starting front four of Red Bryant, Colin Cole, Brandon Mebane, and Chris Clemons is very good when healthy, but only Clemons managed to play more than 12 games in 2010. When the others went down, the Seahawks had nothing behind them and were quickly overwhelmed. Mebane is unsigned, although he may or may not be unrestricted in free agency. Finding linemen to fit Seattle's scheme is tricky, as they usually use 4-3 personnel in something of a 3-4 alignment. The Seahawks drafted just one defensive lineman, a seventh-rounder named Lazarius Levingston who is doubtful to make an impact this season. In free agency, they could target 317-pound Aubrayo Franklin from division-rival San Francisco. They may also go after Cullen Jenkins, whose experience in Green Bay's multiple sets would serve him well in Seattle's defense. Ex-Bears tackle Tommie Harris is also an option."

2011 NFL Lockout Issues - A quick breakdown on why the lockout is happening.

2011 NFL Lockout Timeline - A quick timeline of the lockout. Both good for someone that's trying to catch up with what has been going on.

Breakout players: Stafford leads class of 20 - NFL - Football: Pete Prisco takes a look at some players that are due for a breakout season.

NFL coaches add their voices to labor fight - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports: Doug Farrar takes a look at how NFL Coaches have filed an amicus brief in favor of the players.

Kerry Collins can still be a solid backup in right situation - NFL - Sporting News: Continuing in a entertaining series where Russ Lande provides scouting reports on available QBs for this fall.

Matt Moore may be best young QB on free-agent market - NFL - Sporting News: Lande gives Matt Moore high grades. It's an interesting read, as most of us have completely ignored the idea of Moore in Seattle.

DWI trial set in July for former receiver | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper: Dwayne Jarrett's DUI trial has been set for July, which means that if declared innocent Jarrett will have a chance to attempt a comeback after sitting out last season.

Jarrett, who accompanied in court by his brother and former NBA player Vernon Maxwell, has been working out in Miami and hoping to get another shot in the NFL. When the Panthers drafted Jarrett 45th overall in 2007, they envisioned him as a big, pass-catching complement to veteran receiver Steve Smith. But Jarrett never produced much, finishing with 35 catches for 428 yards and one touchdown in four seasons. Jarrett did not fault the Panthers for cutting him. "It's a business and they had to do what they had to do," he said. Jarrett said a few teams called after he was released, but he believes the DWI charge scared them away. Asked whether he would consider playing in a lesser league such as the UFL, Jarrett said he wants to return to the NFL. "I still believe I can make an NFL team. I haven't given up on that yet," he said. "This lockout is putting everything on hold -- for everybody. But we'll see."

Seattle was one of the teams that called Jarrett and he even came to Seattle for a tryout last season. Personally I would be in favor of giving him a shot - he scored 41 touchdowns in 3 seasons at USC in Pete Carroll's system and could be a low-risk high-potential guy to have on your roster as depth behind a semi-injury prone Mike Williams. Full write-up on this forthcoming. 

NFL: Kevin Kolb is worth the risk for Arizona Cardinals - ESPN: John Clayton thinks the Cardinals need to take the risk and trade for Kevin Kolb. news: Media has manufactured hype around 'what-if guy' Kolb: And I'm perpetuating that hype right now. news: Report: Assault indictment expected for Bucs' Talib in Texas: It looks like Aqib Talib could be indicted afterall. If he's released and ultimately found innocent, many rumors will fly around about the Hawks taking a chance on him. 

Dre Kirkpatrick NFL Draft scouting notes - Mocking The Draft: MTD looks at Dre Kirckpatrick, a talented cornerback for Alabama. He's 6'3. That's all you need to know. Pete Carroll will love him.

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