Know Your Enemy

A little bit of recon as to what our NFC West foes are up to.

Could David Garrard Be Another QB Candidate For The Arizona Cardinals? - Jess Root over at Revenge of the Birds takes a look at something that came out of a Mike Sando mailbag when a writer asked "Which is a better, Kolb for a 1 (1st round draft pick), Orton for a 3 (3rd round pick) or McNabb, Bulger or Garrard for nothing?" Sando actually replied that Garrard would be the best option there (check out the link to find out why... kind of interesting I guess). I'm not really sure how I feel about this but I do know something: it's kind of nice not being the only team in the NFC West with a total cluster-eff at the quarterback position. 

Source Says Cardinals Contacted Broncos About QB Kyle Orton. - More on the quarterback quagmire in the desert, according to Tim Ring of 3TV News, a source has informed him that the Cardinals have been in preliminary talks about a deal for Denver's Kyle Orton. I have to say it's a little weird going to the Arizona SB Nation site and seeing the same guys being talked about for their team as well. Carson Palmer this, Matt Hasselbeck that, Kevin Kolb and the other thing. It kind of feels like getting cheated on.

2011 49ers Draft Picks: The Abundance Of Passion - If there was a theme in the Seahawks' draft I'd say it was 'Versatility." Pretty much every guy they took you could describe as versatile. David Fucillo of Niner's Nation points out that in John Harbaugh's first 49er draft they chose guys that are passionate about football. Fooch points out that they don't want any more Kentwan Balmers on their team... 

2011 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper's Impact Rookies Include Aldon Smith, Kendall Hunter - A couple of the Niner's draft picks to hope turn out worse than Mel Kiper thinks they will are Aldon Smith and Kendall Hunter. I would like to personally add Colin Kaepernick to that list as well as everyone else they drafted. Bust city 2011. 

Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick And The Jim Harbaugh Offense - Apparently Andrew Luck is going to be teaching Colin Kaepernick some of the Harbaugh playbook or at least some of the concepts of it, thus giving the Niners a bit of an edge with the lockout still in place. 

NFL Lockout: Rams players fill the void- Rams players have been organizing workouts including their new rookies. It seems like a lot of teams are doing this and hopefully it's not helping them because as far as I can tell, apart from Matt Hasselbeck and maybe 5-6 other guys, the Hawks haven't done any organizing of their own.

2011 NFL Draft: How soon will Austin Pettis contribute for the Rams? - VanRam takes a look at newly drafted WR Austin Pettis and the potential impact he might have for the Rams in year one. Though I hate to say it, I really liked both Pettis and Greg Salas for the Rams. The silver lining here is that neither seems to be a deep vertical threat so the Rams are still without that dagger in the heart kind of weapon at WR. Hopefully.

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