Reviewing the Seahawks' 2011 Free Agency Situation

SEATTLE WA - JANUARY 08: Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane #92 of the Seattle Seahawks reacts in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints during the 2011 NFC wild-card playoff game at Qwest Field on January 8 2011 in Seattle Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

The Seattle Seahawks, by my count (and I could be missing some guys here), currently have 23 unsigned free agents, both restricted and unrestricted. As far as I could find, the only player that may still be restricted with the new CBA would be G/T Tyler PolumbusIf the newly proposed CBA goes through, both WLB Will Herring and DT Brandon Mebane would become unrestricted free agents and able to sign anywhere they please. Here is a position-by-position update of which Seahawk players remain in limbo:

Matt Hasselbeck
J.P. Losman

Michael Robinson

Brandon Stokley
Ruvell Martin

Chester Pitts
Ray Willis
Sean Locklear
Chris Spencer
Tyler Polumbus (RFA)

Raheem Brock
Brandon Mebane
Jay Richardson
Junior Siavii
Craig Terrill
Amon Gordon

Leroy Hill
Will Herring
Matt McCoy

Jordan Babineaux
Lawyer Milloy

Kelly Jennings

Olindo Mare

To me, the key re-signings would be Matt Hasselbeck*, Michael Robinson, Ray Willis, Chris Spencer, Tyler Polumbus, Brandon Mebane, Raheem Brock, Leroy Hill, Lawyer Milloy, and Olindo Mare. Obviously, there's a asterisk next to Matt Hasselbeck's name with the note "depends on what they can do in free agency and/or the trade market and whether or not they have faith in Chalie Whitehurst to be an actual starter."

I like MikeRob for special teams work and spot duty at running back. He's a versatile guy that can play fullback in a pinch (though I'd like to see them sign a dedicated fullback). 

Ray Willis and Tyler Polumbus are more than capable swing tackle/guards that could contribute with 6 OL jumbo packages, and would provide veteran depth on the line. Chris Spencer started all 16 games for the Hawks in 2010 and could probably win the job in 2011 if re-signed. 

Brandon Mebane is a very good player on a very thin defensive line so if they don't plan to re-sign him, they better have some sort of plan. Raheem Brock did a good job last year at the defensive end position, would probably come relatively cheap, and would be a great complement or backup to Chris Clemons. Leroy Hill would be good veteran depth at the weakside linebacker spot and could start there if Lofa goes down and David Hawthorne moves to the middle. Lawyer Milloy is a veteran leader and could help mentor Mark LeGree and Kam Chancellor. 

Finally, Olindo Mare is a solid veteran kicker that performed in the clutch in 2010. Bring him back. 

What do you think? Are there any guys listed above that you think the Hawks absolutely need to re-sign the day free agency starts? Let me know. 

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