Satiate Your Football Arguing Lusts!

Editors Note: I just re-read this and realized how remiss I've been in not posting it to the front page. Here's my attempt at recompense. 

Field Gulls, I feel your pain. You'd snort fine-granulated saltpeter or inject color-safe bleach into your brachial artery with a dirty syringe you lifted from a biohazard waste vehicle collision on the 5 if you thought it would give you a 5-minute meaningful football debate fix at this point, wouldn't you?

Yes, you would. Fess up. It's June and there's no football here to speak of, junkie! What are you doing on Field Gulls, anyway? The 2012 presidential election debates just too rich with substance for you?  Whatever the reason, you can't stay away.

OK, neither can I. But hey I did some genealogy research in the mean-time and learned I'm a 12-generation American whose forebear crossed the pond in 1638, part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony expansion from the Puritan migration.  Even found a ship's roll that had him & his family's name listed, so that was kind of cool.

But that kind of crap will never suffice, and I know it, too.  

Peter King knows it, too. He went to Where the Stadium is In Between Names to see U2, with John Schneider.  He's tweeting with confidence that Hasselbeck won't be coming back to Seattle, despite the reasonable thought that the longer the lockout drags one the more valuable Hasselbeck would seem to be to us.

PK then asked, who's gonna throw to your wide receivers.  Schneider said he has a boy with a babyface, he can throw a brick through a window. But then he admitted he still hasn't found what he's looking for, and that they're still in the process of getting rid of all that they can't leave behind.  Right now they're just stuck in a moment they can't get out of.

Which makes me think there's still a plan to get someone once roster movement is unfrozen. We've been down that path and I have no idea who is more likely than the others, but we all know the usual suspects.

PK then said, sometimes you can't make it on your own. There's no line on the horizon. But Schneider said, if Tom will coach his linemen, they'll be ready for war and come October there will be no Sunday Bloody Sunday. But if not, if it only rattles and hums, that won't be all bad. He said Paul Allen will pay for that crashed car, and after New Year's Day they might be lucky enough to get a guy who can bullet the blue sky.  

PK responded, you guys build rosters in mysterious ways.

So Achtung, Baby! Let's tear open the Hasselbeck debate, the magical leopluradon debate, the Carson Kolb Young Leinart debate, mix them all up into a big giant martini with a 50-foot olive and a lemon-shaped disco-ball and see how it tastes. 

I'll throw down this gauntlet: I hope we don't sign Hasselbeck.  I hope we trade for no one.  I want Charlie to start. Until he shows he's hopeless. We need to fill out the rest of the QB bench, so we need to get guys.  If Young costs a late round draft pick, I kinda just would rather not. But it wouldn't be bad. But I'm more thinking free agent guys.

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