Seahawks On the Airwaves: Leon Washington Doing Some Free Agent Recruiting via Ian Furness KJR950

OAKLAND CA - OCTOBER 31: Leon Washington #33 of the Seattle Seahawks tries to stay in bounds on a punt return against the Oakland Raiders at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on October 31 2010 in Oakland California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Seahawks running back and punt/kick returner extraordinaire Leon Washington was on the Ian Furness show on Wednesday to talk the Lockout, his offseason, the Seahawks QB situation (naturally), and free agency. He had some interesting things to say about both the Seahawks' free agents and potential free agent signings coming up once the Lockout is over. 

When asked about the offseason Leon brought up the point that he and other Seahawks have been doing a good job of lobbying for guys to stick around. He said:

"Here's the thing. What we have done this offseason is, we've really done a good job of staying in touch with each other. Emailing each other back and forth, and really talking to each other. I've got a feeling that most of the free agents that we have on the team that could potentially go somewhere else, they want to be in Seattle. They want to play for Coach Carroll, they want to play for John Schneider. We have a great coaching staff, and great teammates so, that's the thing. Talking to the guys on the team, and just letting them know that hey, if you're a free agent, you know, Michael Robinson, we need you back in Seattle, we want you back on our team.

So yeah, just staying close to each other, even though we're not in the same place, and letting us know that if we got a lot of the guys back from last year, and you know, we'll obviously have a lot of help from free agency, we could be a pretty special team. Especially in the NFC West."

When asked about what he's hearing from guys around the league regarding their interest in signing with Seattle, he mentioned that he's been doing a little recruiting with them as well. So, is there interest?

"Yeah, I can definitely tell you there is. I've been in New York three times since I've been back over here on the East Coast, and I've run into a lot of my former teammates, and everybody asks me, you know, how is it playing for Pete Carroll? And I tell them, "he's a SoCal guy, happy-go-lucky, always positive, and he's great to work with." We're going to have an opportunity to get some guys to come in and play in Seattle. It's a beautiful city, you know that's why I decided to come back for the next four years, and I love it there. So hopefully we get some guys that feel the same way and can come out here and help us out."

Now, I don't know how much you can really take from this quote. Not much probably, but it is interesting that he mentions there is definite interest in Seattle and he brings up his New York Jet former teammates in the same breath. Just for shits and giggles, to get some unsubstantiated rumor mongering started, here is a list of Jets that are free agents (and, according to Leon Washington "definitely interested in playing in Seattle"... cough):

WR Santonio Holmes

WR Braylon Edwards

WR Brad Smith

DE Shaun Ellis

LB David Harris

CB Antonio Cromartie

CB Drew Coleman

S Brodney Pool

I could see Braylon Edwards being a target, and same with Cromartie. Brad Smith is a versatile guy and we know how much Pete Carroll seemed to be enamored with Isaiah Stanback so there's that. David Harris is almost certainly going to be re-signing with the Jets. 

Ok, now go start some rumors!!

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