The Great Hasselbeck Debate

First things first, FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Okay let's get on with it.....

I am fervently against re-signing Matt Hasselbeck for another year because it more or less means he's going to win the starting job by default. In fact it's almost to Seattle's benefit that Hasselbeck performed so well in the post-season as it now raises his market value. There is no justifiable reason to keep Matt for another year of health uncertainty and inconsistent play.

If Seattle re-signs Hasselbeck the excuses will re-align themselves once more. I can hear it now.....

"Hasselbeck is learning a new offense under Bevell. Give him some time to adjust."

"The offensive line is swiss cheese. He's not getting enough time to throw the ball."

"Matt gives us our best chance to win."

"The receivers aren't getting open so how the hell can Matt make a play with his herculean-like arm strength?"


The same four bullcrap excuses that have kept us debating his future for the better part of 3 years. Hasselbeck has missed time due to injury 4 of the last 5 seasons and his last regular season start saw him injure himself scoring a touchdown without anyone touching him. You want the Hasselbeck that threw 7 touchdown passes in the 2011 playoffs? Fine. Be prepared that he is also capable of his disastrous 4 interception games that got him benched and the fans chanting "CHARLIE! CHARLIE! CHARLIE!".

If Seattle is going to rebuild they need to start by going in a new direction at quarterback. They should not be afraid to fail in the short-term if their replacement is a complete disaster. This current squad would probably go 4-12 against our current opposition, and probably all of those wins would be against the NFC West.

I'm slightly exaggerating, but I'm in the stage where I am in the "Anyone But Hasselbeck" camp. Truth be told I am not a fan of either Carson Palmer or Kevin Kolb but they might as well be worth a shot. Seattle needs to move on from their Super Bowl squad players who clearly aren't good enough to earn starts, and Hasselbeck is a start. I'm not too keen on Palmer or Kolb and frankly I'd irrationally take McNabb over both of them, but it's a start.

But wait! There is one other quarterback we have on our squad who can save us all. He was a college standout, led our team in passer rating, and is a very mobile threat. I know!!!!



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