How To Insert A Hyperlink Into A Comment Here At Field Gulls (Or Any SBN Site)

Maybe there's already a link to this somewhere at SBN (hell, I might have wrote a similar FanPost on this very subject a year or two ago), but reading comments here lately I feel this information needs to be shared (once again).  This isn't in response to any one commentor, because it appears there are many people here struggling with links  So, as merely a helpful guide for those of you who don't quite have it figured out yet, here's a quick guide to inserting hyperlinks into a comment:

Step 1.) Do not put a link into the Subject Line of a comment.  Easy thing to forget, especially if you want to share the link in a hurry, but it won't work.

Step 2.) Type a letter, word or words where you want the link to go.  Technically you can just paste the link itself into the comment body, but it looks messy (and sometimes doesn't work).

Step 3.) Highlight the text that you want to put the link into.  People won't see the http and so on and so forth, just blue-colored text which the can click on, to bring up your link.

Step 4.) Click on the "link" button right above the comment box.  Not sure where that button is?  Look at this:


Hope that's helpful!

Step 5.) Enter the link (also called URL) into the box that appears on the screen.  That one is pretty self-explanatory, I know; it's also good manners to click on the "Open In New Window?" button, so that people who click on the link you just made don't leave the Field Gulls article that your link is found on.

Step 6.) Press "submit."  And now your done!  Mazel Tov!  Even if you're just sharing a link, still please use the Subject Line, as Field Gulls requires the Subject Line be used for EVERY comment (if you don't, you might meet this guy).

BONUS LESSON: How To Link To A Specific Tweet.  Some of you already know this (and I want to thank the person who taught me, but unfortunately I totally forget who that was), but not everyone.  On every tweet there is a "timestamp" at the bottom-right corner, indicating how long ago that tweet was, um, tweeted.  That timestamp is a link, however, and you can use it to link to that specific tweet on other sites (like Field Gulls), rather than linking to the tweeter's entire feed.  Here's a rather humorous tweet that was just posted a few minutes ago; I just copied the link from the bottom-right corner and pasted it here.


I hope my guide doesn't sound too insulting or condescending to any of you, but I just don't know how computer-literate everyone that comments here is, and I didn't want to make any assumptions.  Sometimes I get really frustrated by instructions that make assumptions that I haven't grasped (yet), so I wanted this guide to be as clear as possible.  Thanks for reading.

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