Seahawks Poll Question: Which Old School Jersey Kicks The Most Ass?

I only own one Seattle Seahawks jersey. I'm not much of a jersey guy, to be honest, but that's mostly because commercials have convinced me that professional athletes always wear their uniforms when they go out in public and I'm tired of being confused with celebrities. Anyhow, the one jersey I own is a home-blue Lofa Tatupu. It's not the one I would've picked, but it was a gift and it's actually one of those real nice higher-quality ones, so I wear it when I watch the 'Hawks or want to pretend I have a more exotic last name.

Now that Tatupu is no longer a part of the team, I figured it might be time to look into getting a new jersey. Why a new one? I'm glad you asked, Rhetoric. You see, I don't really want to wear the jersey of a guy who will spend this season playing for another team (not that you guys should avoid repping those Matt Hasselbeck jerseys, it's just a thing I have), and it's waaaay too soon to consider a Tatupu jersey "retro". I would, however, like to have one to wear at Candlestick Park when I go down to San Fran to watch the Seahawks put a whooping on the 49ers on Opening Day.

A big part of me wants to get a new school jersey, with Earl Thomas, Golden Tate, and a custom #24 "Beas Mo!" as the favorites (Sidney Rice and Mark LeGree threads would be sick, too). An even bigger part of me, though, wants to hunt down a head-turning old school throwback 'Hawks jersey; from back when it was cool to take the field in mesh that barely reached your belly button and skin-tight silver pants exposed your haunches, letting the whole world know whether you've been doing your lunges (I have been).

With that in mind, I've constructed a list of my Top 10 retro jerseys and I need you, the erstwhile 12th Man, to help me choose which one. Before I get to my list, however, let me set some parameters regarding what I'm looking for. The jersey has to be of a player that has been retired for at least ten years, and it can't be one that you're likely to see at the CLink, so don't come at me with Steve Largent or Dave Kreig. Also, don't say Brian Bosworth. Brian Bosworth jokes aren't funny, not even ironically. I'm looking for a jersey that long-time Seahawks fans will see and think "oh yeah, that guy knows what's up." It doesn't have to be one of the ten I list. I could be over-looking someone, so let me know with an "Other" vote and your suggestion in the comments section.

So, with that in mind, I present my ten most coveted throwback Seahawks jerseys. Vote on the list after the jump!

10.) Derek Fenner

9.) Rickey Watters

8.) Jim Zorn

7.) Eugene Robinson

6.) Curt Warner

5.) Jacob Green

4.) Kenny Easley

3.) Cortez Kennedy

2.) John L. Williams

1.) Brain Blades


*PS - You can get more bite-sized bits of Jacson HERE, and of Field Gulls HERE.

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