Unofficial Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Thread

Hey Guys RagingAlot here. I thought I just make a thread for all FG's so they can talk about fantasy football in this particular thread. Might be a bit early but eh. Some reasons why I think it might be a good idea:

1. Fantasy comments are ill advisable in game threads or in any football related topics. Arguing/bitching about why your top wide reciever (on this case SRice) isn't getting any throws at him, making him useless for points won't make you a popular person. Besides using fantasy football to argue about the finer aspects of football is just stupid:


Unlikely scenario No1:

Stud player: "sigh"

Fantasy fan: Dude what's up?

SP: What do you mean what's up? We've just lost a game dammit!

FF: But you got threw three touchdowns and rushed for a touchdown for my fantasy team! You team carried my team to victory man!

SP: ...Come here boy so I can smash your face in.

Unlikely scenario No2:

Fantasy fan at a coaching clinic: I bet I can run a franchise better than you Coach. I mean, seriously, like I won, like three fantasy championships in a row, man.  I can play it all; PPR, auction, freaking even drafting the whole team from scratch if you catch my drift. I can swindle people in drafts. Swindle people in trades. I constantly find sleepers everyone misses.Come on man, my team ON PAPER will own your sorry ass team.

Coach: This isn't Madden, you lazy arrogant fucktard.

Unlikely scenario No3:

FF: So about...

Tom Cable: One more fucking word about fantasy boy and I'm a put you in a fantasy of hurt. 

FF: I didn't even talk about fanta... OH  MY GOD OH MY GOD HO MY GOD AH AH OWWW!!! YOU.. YOU PUNCHED OUT ALL OF MY BLOOD!!!!


[this is also why a some fans of football despise fantasy football as noted here.]

2. Might make things a lot easier in transactions if we post it in one thread.

3. Get lurkers to post.

4. Brag. 

5. [insert better reasons here].

Rec if you like this idea! Smack talk/Trash talk me down if it isn't a good idea (I'm not the greatest in the art of debating).

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