Seahawks Roster Cuts, Free Agency News and Rumors

It's a brand new day in the NFL and in Seahawks land and that means there are going to be some roster moves!!! The Hawks woke up, took a stretch, and called up a few veteran free agents on the street to bring in. Here's what's going on today (and I'll try to keep this thing updated):

-- Per John Clayton"Andre Gurode's first visit is to the Seahawks. Six teams called. Tom Cable, the Seahawks OL coach, worked with him in college." G/C Gurode has made the last five Pro Bowls so it seems that he might be a good player. Intriguing development. Stay tuned.

-- Also Per John Clayton: "The Seahawks are bringing in fullback Mike Karney for a visit Tuesday. They looked at him before camp and kept in touch." According to this article from the Kent Reporter from a month or so ago, Karney came to Seattle, passed his physical, and expected that he'd get signed.

"I was hoping it was going to happen. I got a call early in the morning Tuesday by my agent, who told me that a situation came up (in Seattle) where I could go there, take a physical and sign. I was told to pack for training camp and head up. I took the first flight out (Tuesday) and thought that as long as I passed my physical that a deal was going to get done."

Karney explained why he hadn't yet been offered a deal:

"They just converted a couple tight ends to fullback and want to see if they can give them more time. My meeting went extremely well. My physical went well. I think they just want to see if these guys can get it done. If they can't, I think I will be the first guy they call."

Looks like he was right.

Karney is a former Pro-Bowl, All-Pro fullback, a local guy that only wants a one-year deal, and would be that massive, technical lead blocking fullback that I've been advocating for. On the other hand though, he's looking for a one-year deal. That means he's not part of the future, and he's not going to factor much down the road. The Hawks apparently took a look at some looks at their tight ends/fullbacks (Ryan Travis, released yesterday) and didn't see enough so now Karney is back. I actually would really like this move. 

-- The Seahawks announced their final two roster cuts, DT Jay Alford and S Rickey Thenarse

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