Some Belated Thoughts on the Signing of Sidney Rice

To start, I want to qualify that this is not an evaluation or critique of Sidney's game. Just some thoughts. Months ago I was blasting people for suggesting that we would sign Sidney Rice. I never thought that would happen. Boy was I wrong. I blasted Seahawks fans just like I blast Mariner's fans for thinking the Mariners are going to sign Prince Fielder. In my limited mind I asked myself: "If I were a true #1 WR, why would I go to a team with no long-term quarterback?" (At the time we only had Charlie Whitehurst on the roster.)

Everyone said "Money!"

And I do not underestimate the importance of money. But here are a list of other important things I underestimated and thought they were worth sharing.

1) The respect Sidney had for Tarvaris Jackson, that has to mean something. I am not saying Tarvaris is a long-term solution- but it is good to know that Sidney believes in him.

2) The influence of OC Darrell Bevell. (I also underestimated the influence of Tom Cable- who was a big factor in landing Zach Miller). Relationships mean a lot.

3) How aggressive our front office would be in Free Agency. Many experts had them pegged at Moderate- and I think they landed at more Moderate-Aggressive.

4) How important PCJS value a true #1 WR. We know they looked hard at Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson. I thought, wrongly again, that they would sign a WR more along the lines of a James Jones at $3-4M per year. They value that position and I think this is the right perspective to win a Championship in this current NFL.

5) It came out that there was some resentment toward the Vikings from Sidney for not extending him a year ago. There was also the feeling from Sidney's perspective that Seattle showed a lot more interest than Minnesota in communication and dollars.

6) Lastly, I believe that the hip injury and the fact that his breakout season was in 2009 had an influence. I thought there would be ten teams bidding on him and it sounded like it was more like a handful. It was a micro-fracture type hip surgery from my reading, so of course we have to trust that the Seattle doctors checked him out and gave their blessing.

Like most Seahawks fans I am excited for Sidney play and anxious for the offense to begin functioning so we can see him display his talents.  At the one training camp practice I visited he looked amazing and it was apparent to everyone at the VMAC that day. Would love to see that translate to games.

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