Why I think the Seahawks can beat the Steelers

Just a little note: this is my first opinion post, been thinking about contributing allot and hopefully this year I will find time to contribute more. Also my formatting may suck, sorry.

Ok, so the Seahawks are huge dogs this weekend at Heinz field playing the Steelers, but I am not ready to hand a win to the shitty Steelers and their annoying fans. First lets start by addressing why the people who say things are favoring the Steelers so much.

Reason #1: The Steelers got whipped in week one so they are gonna be pissed.

Reason #2: The Steelers are gonna destroy our OLine and therefore put the hurt on TJack.

Reason #3: The Seahawks suck on the east coast with 10 am starts.

Reason #4: The Seahawks aren’t that good.

Okay so lets start with issue #1. The Steelers didn’t look good in week one. I was on my way to the Hawks game in SF so I only saw about 30 min of the game when we stopped at a bar to have a beer. The Steelers looked horrible, they turned the ball over 2 times while I was watching and they ultimately turned the ball over 7 times. If they turn the ball over even a few times we can capitalize on this. I heard someone on the radio say they are gonna try to run up the middle. I say good luck with that. Mebane, Bryant, and Branch will plug that up and shut down their run, forcing Ben (therapist) to throw the ball right into Earl Thomas’s hands. I have been preaching this for a while, but our young D is gonna be good this year.

Reason #2: Okay, well this may be true, but hopefully our coaches actually put together some game plan to address this. I have an idea, its called lets throw the ball quickly and to BMW (just sayin’). The offensive line did start to do a bit better in the second half last week against a pretty good SF defense. Well hopefully we can build on this and start to show some improvement. Also, I have heard a bit about an aging Steelers D. I see them heading to wear the Hawks were over the last couple of years with older slower guys who are starting to physically break down. This may also have something to do with the Steelers stopping HGH because they might be tested soon (not that I really think the players on the Steelers are juicing).

Reason #3: While the ‘Hawks haven’t been that good heading east, I just don’t buy this. It’s an excuse and I don’t like excuses. Just be better than the other team. Also this is based in historical precedence over the last few years, but with so much turnover on the roster, there aren’t as many guys who have this mental mindset. So lets get over it and just win early on the east coast.

Reason #4: So the Hawks might not be that good, but people might be thinking a bit differently if we could have pulled out that win in SF. We were coming back and like Pete said: the team felt like they were going to come back and win until TGJ started running wild. I do agree that we aren’t going to win the super bowl this year, but I refuse to spend an entire season rooting against my Hawks just so we can get a QBOTF (although we do need to address this in the 1st round next year).

Finally we have the spread. Fuck that. Spreads are designed to get similar money on both sides, so to get enough dough flowing on this game they have to set it high. I don’t care about the spread. I kinda see this game a little bit like last year against the saints in the playoffs where no one gave our guys a chance. Hopefully our D shows up and forces some turnovers and we pull out the upset. Lets beat these Steeler fucks. What do you all thinnk, do we have a chance?

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