NFL Power Rankings: Seahawks Definitely Becoming America's Sweetheart

Red Bryant is awesome.

Ok, not really. But they're getting better in the court of public sports writers' opinion, so that's got to count for something!! No? Well, whatever. As always, let's start off with rankings based on actual statistical analysis, and then we'll read about what some dudes that live across the country think of this Seahawks' team. 

Football Outsiders' DAVE metric places the Seahawks at 30th in the league. For those of you that don't remember, DAVE is is a formula which combines our preseason projection with current VOA to get a more accurate forecast of how a team will play the rest of the season. Right now, the preseason projection makes up 55 percent of DAVE.

The Seahawks' current VOA ranked them at 29th in the NFL; the offense ranking 30th, the defense 15th, and the special teams at 31st. Not a big change from last week.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS Week 3 DVOA Ratings - There are no opponent adjustments in VOA until the fourth week of the season, which is why it is VOA right now rather than DVOA. As always, positive numbers represent more points so DEFENSE is better when it is NEGATIVE. 

NFP Power Rankings | National Football Post
28 (32): Staff: "Pete Carroll gets the comeback win over the Cards, but can this team consistently win out west?"

NFL Power Rankings, Week 4: Bills, Lions Keep Climbing; Falcons, Eagles Stumble -
26 (29): Joel Thorman: "Last week some were saying this was the worst team in the NFL. Maybe they're right but, in the NFC West, you can't rule them out -- yet." 

NFL Power Rankings Week 4 - National Football League - ESPN
24 (32): Mike Sando: "Sidney Rice's return provided a needed boost to the Seahawks' offense." news: Eagles, Bears continue to slide behind losing streaks
29 (32): Elliot Harrison: "It had to be nice for the organization as a whole to get its first win, especially considering the embarrassing manner in which the Seahawks lost their first two games. The offense is still anemic, although Marshawn Lynch and the ground attack showed some signs of life. Tarvaris Jackson is averaging just 5.4 yards per attempt, 30th in the NFL. Hopefully Sidney Rice's return (eight receptions, 109 yards on Sunday) will ramp Jackson's numbers to respectability."

Power Rankings: Elites exposed, Lions, Bills at door - NFL - Football
23 (31): Pete Prisco: "It wasn't a big step, but Tarvaris Jackson was better against theCardinals. Progress keeps him as the starter for another week."

NFL power poll: One Giants leap for Eli Manning and Co. - NFL - Sporting News
31 (32): Vinnie Iyer: ""Wow" factor: WR Sidney Rice Not surprisingly, as soon as Rice was healthy, his old friend Tarvaris Jackson and the Seahawks offense were able to do enough to get their first win." - Week Four power rankings
27: Staff: "Think Tarvaris was happy to have Sidney Rice healthy?"

NFL Power Rankings - Top 32 NFL Football Teams - FOX Sports on MSN
25 (30): Brian Billick: "The Seahawks had a season-best 261 yards of offense against the Cardinals. See 49ers comments. (The 49ers have yet to have a 300-plus yard game. Even so, it looks as if they are poised to win the NFC West. I like the idea of keeping the team in Youngstown, Ohio rather than having to travel all the way back east to face the Eagles next week.)"

Suck for Luck campaign update: Redskins remain in the race - Mocking The Draft
1-2, they're kind of screwed: Dan Kadar: "Oh, Seattle, how could you? You seemed so poised for glorious destitution. Now you're currently lumped in the mire of being not quite bad enough. For teams in need of a franchise quarterback, you're in purgatory: An unspeakable floating hell hosted by Tarvaris Jackson. It looked like the play of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton would bounce Cincinnati out of the running, but he took a step back Sunday. Denver continues to dance the apathy tango with its fans. As far as Luck positioning go, at least the Broncos travel to Green Bay Sunday."

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