Good Luck to the Seahawks

In case any of you are not familiar with my ID, this is really The New Bradfather, and I use a new title because SB Nation nailed me for a throttle violation.


Anyway, I am going through NFL teams alphabetically in my preview and today is Seahawks Day so here we go. 

Already, Pete Carroll has ushered in a new quarterback era and if my Facebook friends, WeeHawk Seahawk and gorgeous Sea Gal Rachel Collins are any indication, Charlie Whitehurst should get the nod over Tarvaris Jackson and when the Seahawks played my Broncos last week, t looked like Mr. Jesus Beard was the better option.


Of course, that's what I thought in the Vikings' game the week before, but when I have seen Tarvaris Jackson, it just seems like he's punchless and doesn't have the fire Whitehurst has. Of course, if I'm wrong, feel free to call me out.


I do think Golden Tate has an opportunity to do some great things at wideout and I thank you so much for taking one of the Faiders' few reliable options away, in new tight end Zach Miller.


Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett are solid options in the backfield and I think Sidney Rice will be a much better Vikings acquisition than T-Jack for what it is worth.

Defensively, I think Aaron Curry and Chris Clemons can make solid contributions and like several Seahawks fans friends I have stated, there seems to be a youth movement while Carroll has instilled a more propitious attitude for Seahawks players than previous regimes have shown, so that is also a positive.

Incidentally, Atari was always my favorite toy when I was a little kid, so I have always been a fan of Atari Bigby's name, as well as his game and I trust he will provide solid leadership for the Hawks.

While the Rams look really good on paper, I think the Seahawks have enough pieces in place to challenge for the NFC West crown once again, if Charlie gets the nod anyway.

In closing, I am so glad that the Broncos and Seahawks are no longer divisional rivals, because now I don't have to feel guilty about Seattle doing well.

The gray helmets with the blue hawk and the blue jerseys from the Kingdome era were epic and since I am a devout, practicing Mormon, my church owns the Seahawks' flagship radio station as part of Bonneville International, so that's another asset!

Additionally, in the past few months, for some strange reason, I've become an addict of the TV show Frasier and the actor that plays Martin shares a birthday with me (June 20) so I wish good luck to the Seahawks while Frasier and Niles eat at some snooty French restaurant.

Thanks for reading and I shall return!

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