Seahawks News & Rumors: Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

Not a whole lot happening today but there are a few noteworthy items to discuss.

-- The Jacksonville Jaguars released veteran quarterback David Garrard today and naturally people started making the Seahawks connection. As pointed out on Twitter, Seahawks Quarterbacks Coach Carl Smith has a history with Garrard from his days as an Offensive Coordinator in Jacksonville. This connection is relevant because we've seen Pete Carroll lean on his position coaches for personnel advice.

Examples: Darrell Bevell no doubt  figured heavily in the decision to bring in Tarvaris Jackson. Todd Wash, the defensive line coach, has had his hand in on some acquisitions this offseason, including Ryan Sims (now gone) and a few former Buccaneers from Wash's days in Tampa Bay (names are escaping me at the moment). Tom Cable most likely championed guys like Robert Gallery, Zach Miller, and Paul McQuistan. Though I doubt the Seahawks will show interest in Garrard, it's the main scuttlebutt going on today. 

-- In other news, the Seahawks were off today. ESPN released their initial power rankings, and the composite ranking for Seattle is 25th. Mike Sando had them 25th, and John Clayton is a little less optimistic for them, ranking the Seahawks 28th. I'd say 25th is probably around where I'd put them too at this point. How bout you?

-- Danny O'Neil hosted a live chat today and addressed the rumors going around that James Carpenter will be moved to left guard. O'Neil: "No, I don't believe James Carpenter is going to start at left guard. While he did work -- for a little while -- with the first-unit offensive line as left guard on Monday, that was very limited. Pete Carroll said afterward that it was to prepare to be flexible. After all, if Gallery isn't able to play and Paul McQuistan starts, who's going to come in at guard should either McQuistan or Moffitt go down in the game(?)

Lemuel Jeanpierre is the other interior lineman on the roster. Tyler Polumbus played some guard toward the end of last season. Carpenter could be a consideration there. But no, I don't see the team suddenly moving Carpenter to the other side of the line and a different position unless necessity dictates."

-- Also, per Danny O'Neil's chat, he confirmed that Russell Okung and Marshawn Lynch will be ready to play on Sunday. Holla.

Also, regarding Pep Levingston: Danny also indicated that the "Seahawks had indicated a desire to keep him, however, they have added Paul Fanaika, offensive guard, to the practice squad according to Fanaika's agent. That addition could reflect a need for more depth on the interior offensive line."

-- Finally, inconsequentially: WR Ruvell Martin, who finished last season with the Seahawks, was cut by the Buffalo Bills today. Former 49er QB and Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith signed with the Omaha Nighthawks of the UFL. Both per Aaron Wilson.  

What else is going on out there? Discuss.

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