Why Ryan Tannehill Makes Sense for the Seahawks


Many in this years draft will be marveling at Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III if he decides to go pro. The two have been electrifying this year and show strong signs of being able to translate that to the NFL. However, these types of players always go top-5 and surely the Seahawks would not trade draft spots for one guy. Here's a couple reasons why: the Seahawks value the quarterback position less with a strong running game and they are establishing themselves as a team who builds through the draft. With that said, the next, and still very good option, is Ryan Tannehill. Here's why he will be a good quarterback and why it makes sense that the Seahawks would pick him.

Ryan Tannehill isn't merely a wide receiver turned quarterback. He went to Texas A&M as a quarterback, but didn't win the job as a freshman. With his athleticism and willingness to do what's best for the team, he moved to wide receiver and became the Aggies leading receiver for his first two seasons. That's actually pretty impressive in itself. But in his junior season he became the backup quarterback as his coach saw him becoming the starter next season and wanted to develop him. Well, the Aggies struggled under then-quarterback Jerrod Johnson and Tannehill stepped in, leading them to six straight victories.

Tannehill has proven to be an athletic quarterback with a good arm, though he needs to improve his decision making. He is very accurate and puts good zip on the ball in short to intermediate throws, and has fairly decent deep ball accuracy (difficult to tell because he doesn't throw a lot of them, which is most likely a result of running a west coast offense). He certainly has good arm strength and can put good touch on the ball for the deep throw though. Like stated before, Tannehill needs improvement on his decision making when reading defenses and deciding where to throw, which would certainly come with more experience at the position.

What is most striking about Tannehill is what he does when the play breaks down. He has good pocket awareness and keeps his eyes down field when getting away. But when there's nothing there, boy can he run. He is like a faster version of Aaron Rodgers when it comes to running the ball (which is a very underrated part of Rodgers game).

Tannehill definitely has the size and intangibles to do it as well. Standing at 6'4" 220, he could put on some weight to help improve his durability, though he has already proven to be very durable in college. He's also been an All-Big 12 First Team Academic three years in a row, showing he's a sharp kid.

Enough about the kid though, here's why it would make sense the Seahawks would draft him. Starting with Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell's desire to have a mobile quarterback with a big arm. Darrell Bevell also runs a west coast offense, keep that in mind. Tannehill is an answer to all of that. Looking at Tannehill, he's played under Mike Sherman's pro style west coast offense the past four years. That's right, the same Mike Sherman who coached the Packers from 2000-2005 and had Darrell Bevell coaching under him on offense for all those years... Oh and John Schneider was there for most of Sherman's run as well. Seems to be an interesting connection there. Tannehill would be going to a very similar offense that he ran in college, which is great because that's exactly what he needs with little experience at the position.

With the connection the Seahawks have to Tannehill, this pick just seems so logical. And if you give him some time to develop, I think he's a very solid quarterback for the Seahawks in the years to come.

Please, before you respond to this telling me what you think about the kid, watch some film of him below, and try to break it down. I'm tired of people just repeating what they read in scouting reports. I've read it all before and he looks more promising watching him than reading about him.

DK edit: Thanks to DraftBreakdown for the excellent videos, JPDraftJedi,Mari0clp, JMPasq, and more for putting them together.

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