How the Seahakws stole the QBOTF

Im a fan, so i can dream right - so here goes.

There is no reason to think the Seahawks cannot get the QB they want, be it Luck or RG3. How you say? Im glad you asked. Here is how that might work.

Here is the list of teams drafting before the Seahawks and who need a QB.

1. Colts (draft pick 1)

2. Browns (draft pick 4)

3. Redskins (draft pick 6)

4. Dolphins (draft pick 8/9)

And here are the available quaterbacks

1. Peyton Manning (yes, i think he will play next season)

2. Matt Flynn

3. Andrew Luck

4. RG3

So you see, all we need to do is beat 1 team to get the QBOTF - via free agency or draft. Duh, as if you did not know that!! But here is the fun part - there are a lot of scenarios that can play out, and here are 2 of my favorites.

For both these scenarios, the key is Peyton Manning. Where he plays next year is a big key to this mystery. Also, I have the Browns getting M Flynn from the Packers. Its not the first time the Walrus has taken a backup from GB and made it a success story. The Browns have too many holes to address and they are better off using their draft picks on things not called QB.

Scenario 1: P.Manning is no longer a Colt.

There will be a lot of suitors for P.Manning services, but i cannot see how the Redskins will not jump on this and maybe draft Tannehill in Round 2 to be Manning's understudy. So in this world, lets see how our QB needy teams pan out

1. Colts - Andrew Luck

2. Browns - M.Flynn

3. Redskins - P.Manning

So then all we need to do is beat the Dolphins to get RG3. This can go 1 of 2 ways. The Matt Moore situation is not as bad. The guy actually looked like a QB towards the end of the season. Which means they keep Moore and draft a QB in rounds 2 or 3. "DrumRolls" With the 11th Pick, the seahawks select RG3 from Baylor University "DrumRoll ends". Or the Seahawks decide to get aggressive and trade up to pick RG3. We have multiple trading spots, starting with the Vikings at #3. I just dont see the Dolphins being as aggressive to trade up. And remember the deal does not have to be just draft picks, it could be picks + players (from our WR, TE, CB groups).

Scenario 2: P.Manning is a Colt.

This to me is the more likely scenario. As the 2011 season just showed, the Colts are more than a QB away from SB contention. They have a lot of holes and a bunch of key players hitting free agency. Drafting Luck locks up too much mullah into one position and makes it harder to address other needs. So the Colts decide to trade out of the #1 spot, keep Manning and build the rest of the team. They pick a QB in the later rounds to pacify the fan base and Manning promises 1 more SB to the Colts before he retires (which happens in 2015 against the Seahawks and we win - but i digress).

So in this world, lets see how our QB needy teams pan out

1. Colts - P.Manning and trades #1 spot

2. Browns - Matt Flynn is already a Brown by draft day

3. Redskins/Dolphins/Seahawks eye for Luck or RG3.

Personally, i hope the Seahawks trade-up to #1 and pick Luck. I am not expecting the Seahawks to be picking in this range in the next couple of years. So it would be easier to move from #11 to get Luck than to move from #20 to get Barkley. The Colts will want to get back into contention right away and might be willing to accept pro-ready players more than other teams drafting that low. So bundle picks+players and move to get Luck. And so the Seahawks enter into NFL Draft's eternal history books by pulling off a bumper deal, sign Luck and beat the Colts for our first ever SB title (as mentioned above). In case the Seahawks decide not to get "Luck"y with #1 pick, they let Dolphins and Redskins duke it out for Luck. We then trade up to beat the other team and get RG3 (see Scenario 1 above). And btw, in this world RG3 beats the Colts for our SB title too:)

Im sure you can guys can find more scenarios on how the draft unfolds and im hoping that you could share these with the rest of us.

Like maybe we could do an Inception on Luck. He then decides to play only for the Seahawks and no other team. We draft a DE in R1 and then draft Luck, who is still available with our 43rd pick. Hmm, wonder what happens when he retires, cos the inception is still there in his head - maybe he coaches for us:)

Watchya guys think?

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