The Official Field Gulls OT Thread - In Which We Gush About Our Favorite TV Shows

Has it felt like a long time since we had this thread? It's because it has been a long time since we had this thread. I apologize for the lack of vigilance.

Anyway, as the title indicates, this is the thread for everyone to shoot the shit about everything not related to Seahawks football, or football in general. For a good jumping off point, I'll talk about the two TV shows that FGers can't get enough of.

Breaking Bad

This show had a rather unassuming debut. It premiered back in 2008, when AMC was still new at the whole "original programming" thing, and it was already cast under the shadow of Mad Men. Couple that with the writer's strike that cut the first season short at seven episodes, and one might write this off as a bizarre experiment from a network still learning the ropes for original content.

I mean, look at this promo pic for Season 1:



The average TV viewer (like, uh, me) looks at that and goes, "hey, it's the bumbling dad from Malcolm In The Middle! He's standing there in his tighty-whiteys holding a gun! Boy, what wacky hi-jinks did he get into this time?"

So the average viewer tuned in to witness the so-called "wackiness." Little did they know what they were in for. Walter White is a socially-awkward chemistry teacher who gets diagnosed with lung cancer, and decides to use his final days on earth to cook meth and use the lucrative money to support his family after his death. That admittedly flimsy premise balloons into a gripping character study, as Walt is slowly consumed by his new found success. Bryan Cranston gives the best performance we will see in our lives.

I'll mention spoilers, but that will come in a blanket warning later.

Let's cover the other TV show Field Gulls loves:

Game of Thrones



Look at Sean Bean up there. He's confident, he's badass, he's the only sane man in a kingdom of silver tongues, slimeballs, and gladhanders. His most heroic move was to refuse to support the incestuous prince in favor of the proper heir. If anyone can bring order to King's Landing, it's him.

He gets beheaded in the first season, on trumped up charges.

Thus is the essence of Game of Thrones, based off George R.R. Martin's A Song Of Ice And Fire book series. There are no heroes or villains in this cruel world, there are only men greedy enough to game the system for their own ends, and men smart enough to stay out of the whole thing. Gods be good to the rare man who just wants a decent life.

The moral is this: don't get too attached to anyone. This world is too fucked up for humane things like morality, justice and decency. If Season 1 was brutal enough, expect Season 2 to take it up to 11. Nobody is safe.


These shows are popular enough that most here have watched through them already, but we also don't want to ruin the fun for others. So here's my friendly proposal for spoilers:

Please post any spoiler in your subject, including Season and Episode number.

Example Subject: "I loved how in Breaking Bad (SPOILER, SEASON 3 EPISODE 4)

Include a few paragraph breaks after that. Speaking of spoiler warnings...

Special Spoiler Rules For Game of Thrones:

"A Song Of Ice And Fire" has been in publication for several years. However, just because you read all the books, doesn't mean you assume everyone else has. Therefore, if you have something to say about the series that hasn't been covered by the show or corresponding book already, please apply a spoiler tag. TV viewers don't need to know about the events in "A Storm of Swords", for instance. Just apply common sense here; we want to talk about the upcoming HBO show, not the shit that happens way after that.

This is the part where I tell everyone to rec this so it stays on the front page. You don't even have to like these two shows, just comment on your personal favorites and I'm sure others will be there to comment as well. This is the official FG OT thread; go wild.

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