Seahawks at Cardinals gifs

Seattle shouldn't have lost this game.

Offensive Line

Play 1 - Max Unger and Robert Gallery vs Darryl Washington and Calais Campbell. Washington and Campbell blow this play up. Calais Campbell shrugs off Robert Gallery and gets into the backfield, stringing out the run. Unger isn't able to get out on Darryl Washington, allowing him to knife in and bring down Leon Washington for a lose (despite a pretty nice stiff arm by Leon).

Play 2 - Max Unger and Robert Gallery vs Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell. Gallery gets good push on Campbell as he tries to pursue the play. Darnell Dockett jumps to his left as the ball is snapped, allowing Unger to get position on him and screen him out of the play. Washington slips the arm tackle from Campbell and busts off a 15 yard gain.

Play 3 - Zach Miller, Left Tackle. Zach Miller is playing left tackle and Paul McQuistan lined up outside of Breno Giacomini in an unbalanced formation. Gallery does his thing, driving Campbell down field as Campbell is trying to pursue the run. Unger jumps out immediately and gets a nice cut block on Darryl Washington. Miller does an excellent job, pancaking Steward Bradley and screening Adrian Wilson out of the play. Leon takes advantage of the giant hole between Gallery and Miller, nearly picking up a first down.

Play 4 - Robert Gallery vs Vonnie Holliday. Yikes. Not much to say here, rough play for Gallery. That he gets driven back so far isn't actually that big of a deal on this run, but getting shucked the way he did blows it up. If he could have at least managed Holliday for a beat longer, Marshawn Lynch has a lot of space ahead of him.

Play 5 - Max Unger vs Darryl Washington. This run is a team effort, but Unger and Washington were matching up all day. When Unger was drafted, John was nervous about how he would handle 3-4 nose tackles. Seattle has handled this in a variety of ways, and against Arizona the most common way was to have Unger ignore the defensive line and get out on a MLB instead. Unger is very good in space and he shows it on this play, neutralizing Washington. McQuistan gets a good cut block on Campbell and Gallery escorts David Carter out of the play. Marshawn has gotten so good at cutting back on runs like this. He's able to weave his way to the first down marker before dragging Rashad Johnson an extra five yards.

Deep Passing Attack

Play 6 - Deep Ball: First attempt. Play action pass with great protection. Tarvaris Jackson overthrows this ball, but it's catchable. Obo didn't have his best game, but he wasn't as bad as some people were saying. Each of his drops were very tough catches, this one included. Still, he had a realistic chance of reeling this ball in and he wasn't able to make the play.

Play 7 - Deep Ball: Second attempt. Same deal, play action with great protection. Tarvaris goes all out on this one though, over throwing it so badly that Obo has no shot.

Play 8 - Deep Ball: Third attempt. You might be noticing a trend. Play action pass. The protection isn't quite as good as the previous two, but still very good. Jackson has Tate but puts the ball out of bounds.

Play 9 - Deep Ball: Fourth attempt. No play action on this one but the protection is solid again. But, just like the previous plays, Jackson over throws it and Ricardo Lockette has no shot at the ball. Wait, what?

Play 10 - Deep Ball: Fourth attempt part 2. Look at Lockette eat up that cushion. In fairness to TJack, this is actually a decently placed ball. Lockette has to slow down to find the ball and then battle Marshay Green for position. It's not the best pass, but it's close enough and Lockette is able to come up with a circus catch.

Play 11 - Deep Ball: Fifth attempt. TJack has all day in the pocket but over throws Lockette again. The one positive you can take from all of these plays is that Jackson does a nice job of anticipating his receivers coming free down field. With the exception of maybe the second attempt, none of these guys are open when TJack lets loose.

Tarvaris Jackson

Play 12 - Tarvaris Jackson vs Triple Coverage. Jackson sense the pressure from the free blitzer and knows he has to get rid of the ball. That's good. He decides to loft the ball down the middle of the field, allowing Richard Marshall to make an easy play on it. That's bad.

Play 13 - Tarvaris Jackson and Dougie Fresh. Jackson has a nice pocket but scans the field and doesn't find anyone open. He wants to check down but Marshawn trips over Paul McQuistan. Jackson does a good job keeping calm with plenty of protection, looks back down field and finds Doug Baldwin. Very nice catch by Baldwin to get the first down.

Play 14 - Tarvaris Jackson and Cameron Morrah. Dockett and Nick Eason eat up Lemuel Jeanpierre and Unger pretty quickly on this play. Jackson is able to check down and find Cameron Morrah before taking a hit. Not a particularly special play, but it's good awareness from Tarvaris to sense the pressure and get the out to a receiver instead of taking a sack.


Play 15 - Richard Sherman Dance Party.

Seahawks' Pass Rush

Play 16 - Kam Chancellor and Leroy Hill Blitz. Seattle was aggressive in blitzing Arizona, but they weren't any more effective. I obviously don't know how this blitz is designed, but to my eye it's ruined by Kam Chancellor taking a path that's too wide and cuts off Leroy Hill. Hill has to slow and try to cut back inside of Kam, instead of having maybe a free path to Skelton if he had just rushed straight into Levi Brown at the start of the play. Roy Lewis tops the play off with some pretty poor coverage on Andre Roberts, who picks up the first down.

Play 17 - David Hawthorne and Roy Lewis Blitz. David Hawthorne is too tentative a blitzer for my liking. He always seems to pussy foot around at the line of scrimmage. Roy Lewis gets picked up by Larod Stephens-Howling, but pressure from Anthony Hargrove and Raheem Brock forces John Skelton his way. However, Lewis isn't able to make a tackle and Hawthorne isn't able to chase down Skelton before he gets the first.

Play 18 - Earl Thomas Blitz. Earl Thomas gets a good jump and nearly comes clean on this blitz. Daryn Colledge gets to him just quick enough to force him a little wider and out of the play. Thomas ends up unable to get a hand on Skelton. Mebane is able to get pressure up the middle, almost picking up a sack while wearing Lyle Sendlein as a cape.

Unfortunately, Skelton is able to step up into the space that Red Bryant should be filling, but isn't. Bryant likes to give up on pass rushing and play contain. I don't know if he's being coached to do this, but it very likely costs him a sack in this situation. Levi Brown has completely bailed on his block, deciding to flail after ET instead. If Bryant had kept up his pass rush, he's very likely there to take Skelton down when he steps forward to avoid Mebane.

Play 19 - Leroy Hill and Roy Lewis Blitz. Chester Taylor and Lyle Sendlein do a very nice job on this blitz. Taylor crosses in front of Skelton to pick up Lewis. Sendlein bails on Allen Branch to pick up Hill, and in the process gets a nice chip on Hargrove. Larry Fitzgerald lined up in the slot, ultimately leaving Kam Chancellor to cover him. He does this poorly, and Fitzgerald catches the ball with enough space to break off a long run for 41 yards.

Play 20 - Zone Blitz. Seattle rushes three down linemen and blitzes Roy Lewis, dropping Chris Clemons into coverage. The blitz works pretty well, with Raheem Brock mucking up the right side of the offensive line, allowing Lewis to come free. Insanity ensues, as Skelton is able to slide to his left and then throw to his right, hitting a wide open Todd Heap. Heap gets some pay back on Chancellor, breaking his ankles and getting the ball down to the Seattle goal line.

Play 21 - Leroy Hill Blitz. This is another nice blitz that goes for not. Hill blitzes and shrugs off Brown, getting pressure up the middle. King is no match for Clemons, who gets pressure to the inside despite what looks like a hold. Unfortunately, Clemons runs into Hill and the two get tangled up on each other. Skelton slides to his left and is able to scramble for a first down.

Seahawks' Run Defense

Play 22 - Red Bryant vs Rex Hadnot and Jeremy Bridges. This play works because of the double team Jeremy Bridges and Rex Hadnot get on Bryant. They're able to drive him back before Bridges slides off and gives Hawthorne a weak push that sends him sprawling. Hawthorne seems to want a flag, and it does look like a borderline block in the back. Chancellor comes down and fills the hole up the middle, but Howling is already taking this play off tackle. Bridges continues to terrorize Seattle defenders, knocking Browner out of the play. Howling ends up with 39 yards before ET is able to bring him down.

Play 23 - Brandon Mebane vs Daryn Colledge and Lyle Sendlein. Mebane has great burst off the line and he uses it to drive a double team back into Howling as he takes the hand off. Howling tries to cut it back up the middle but Hawthorne has the hole filled. Howling tries to bounce it outside once more before giving himself up to Clemons.

Play 24 - KJ Wright vs Rex Hadnot. Mebane sheds Sendlein at the snap, Bryant slides off a cut block from Bridges and shrugs off a chip from Jeff King as KJ Wright picks up the pulling Hadnot and drives him back into Howling's running lane. Wright sheds Hadnot and the three combine to tackle Howling for a loss.

Seahawks' Secondary

Play 25 - Earl Thomas vs Andre Roberts. This is cool. It's rare that we get to see a safety cover like this for the entire play. Thomas is up in the slot on Roberts. He gets a good press on Roberts, handles the double move and sticks with him down the field. We don't get too see it too often, but Thomas is special in coverage.

Play 26 - Earl Thomas vs LaRod Stephens-Howling. Thomas does an excellent job reading run and tracking down the play from behind. There's an audible "Aw!" from the crowd as they see the hole open for Howling before ET brings him down.

Play 27 - Earl Thomas vs Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is lined up in the slot, something Arizona did quite a bit with success. Thomas tries to separate Fitzgerald from the ball, but Larry Fitzgerald is really good.

Play 28 - Richard Sherman vs Larry Fitzgerald. Sherman gets a decent press on Fitzgerald but Fitz is deceptively fast and starts to separate. Sherman tries to get physical with him but loses that battle too. By the end of the play, Fitzgerald has enough separation that if the ball is placed where it needs to be, Fitzgerald probably scores a touchdown.


Play 29 - Heater vs Andre Roberts. Heater can still lay people out.

Play 30 - KJ WRIGHT HAS A FOOTBALL!! Hat tip to Earl Thomas on the strip.

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