10 Reasons the Seahawks Pass Offense Stinks Part 2

Here are the rest of the reasons for the offense sucking- broken up because it was one massive article.

6. Opponents: The Seahawks have faced three top 10 defenses so far. The Cardinals (10th), Cowboys (1st) and Packers (3rd) are three yard stingy teams. All three have spectacular secondaries and can each generate tremendous pressure in the pass rush. Last year the Green Bay Packers had 31 INTs, the Cowboys had 15 and the Cardinals had 10. Both the Cowboys and Cardinals have improved their secondaries dramatically. So far the Seahawks have only thrown 4 int in 4 games, with a rookie QB this can not be over stated. As far as elite pass rushers we have faced Calias Campbell and Darnell Docket, DeMarcus Ware (19.5 ) and Mathews (6 sacks in his first two games of 2012) the secondary and DEs of the Rams are scary good, and they abused our tackles time and time again.. We have only taken 8 sacks, this is about 6 less than three games in last year. That is an improvement.

7. Marshawn Lynch: When you have one of the elite backs in the NFL you run the ball when ever possible, and Marshawn has been carrying the rock a lot, second most carries in the NFL through four games (only trailing Arian Foster). Marshawn has been picking up about 4.6 yards per carry, this is more than respectable considering he has only one explosive run so far this year. All of this while defenses are keying in on him with 8-9 players in the box. He also happens to lead the league in rushing yards.

8. Team Quality: One reason some rookies seem to really blossom and put up obnoxious numbers is that their team is constantly trailing, they have no run game or their coach likes to throw the ball a lot.

We see this already this year with Brandon Weeden already having the most passing attempts , for all rookies, through week 3 with 167 (3rd among all QBs), despite throwing just under 54% and only 6.0 yards per attempt. Luck 122 attempts (3 games because of his bye week), Tannehill 124 attempts, and RG3 with 89. Wilson only has 100 passing attmpts despite having a higher passing percentage (60%) than Weeden (53.9), Tannehill (55.9)and Luck(53.3). Wilson has 4 TDs only one behind Luck and tied with RG3 for second among rookies.

9. Injuries: I covered them in more depth in each other section but you simply can not have as many injuries on offense and expect any kind of continuity. Whether you call it gelling, rhythm or clicking on all cylinders this usually takes time. Your receivers and QB have to get their chemistry, your OC and QB have to be on the same page and your Oline has to work as one in picking up blitzes. When someone is injured it plays a bigger role than just the talent drop. When your top play-makers are hurt (Okung, Rice, Baldwin, Tate, Miller) you are gonna suffer, usually even when they come back from said injury.

10. Coaching: As I said before Pete has philosophy that means not turning the ball over, while attempting to create turn overs. He likes a hard nosed run game that eats up the game clock and shortens a game. The passing game is play action based and when it is clicking can force a defense to be honest. This kind of offense is never meant to put up record breaking passing numbers.

There are some major coaching flaws I see developing. The Hawks have been running on 2nd and 1 or 2 yards a lot. Considering that Marshawn almost always gets at least 3-4 yards you can almost count on third and 1 or 2 being a gimmie. Why not use the passing game a little more in these situations? And incompletion gives you 3rd and short while giving you an opportunity to stretch the field with out having to punt. This also helps field position games a lot. On the other hand when we are in 3rd and 1 or 2 we almost always pass the ball. With Turbin and Marshawn, two guys who can take a hit and fall forward for four, we are scared to run on third and short? These two just seem so ass backwards to me. Sure change it up, but these seem to be the rule in the play book

Another disastrous trend is Pete Carroll's odd timing in high pressure situations. Remember the run play ight before the half where we didnt score and didnt have any time outs? The 60+ yard FG in Atlanta? This week it was the Onside kick. Now Im not opposed tot he onside kick, but the situation it was used in was really bad timing. We are down 13-7 and if the OSK fails then we almost assuredly are giving up a FG, and we did. That puts us 2 scores away, at 16-7. A better time would be is we were down 4 points, not 6. I'm not sure if these types of things are just to throw a wrench in his very predictable offense or just really bad choices.

Last but not least, is that Pete wants the ball to be spread around. Theoretically this makes it harder for the defense to cover every one, and allows for mismatches. I just don't see us doing that, going after a particular guy, or feeding the rock over and over again. Miller against the Ram's LBs would have been a perfect situation. Isnt Rice getting paid a bunch of money to create mismatches? I think we need to at least take a look at creating more of a 2-3 favorite targets for who ever the QB is. Also having a go to TE seems to help a lot of QBs, Romo, Peyton Manning, Alex smith etc

Carroll's ability to develop talent is exceptional. Recent projects have been to turn a underused OLB into one of the more dominant pass rushers in the game(Chris Clemons) a third string RB and make him the focal point of the offense (Marshawn Lynch) a fifth round safety that was considered too slow and making him a pro bowl enforcer (Kam Chancellor). Richard Sherman's become every bit of a lock down corner who offenses fear, all for a fifth round pick. Doug Baldwin (a dynamite slot receiver) and Brandon Browner (pro bowler from Canada) were both free agent pick ups for small dollar amounts.

As far as offense goes though, they have really had their work cut out for them and the results are a little more murky. Carroll is taking it slow with Wilson, some would argue too slow. Carroll has already admitted though that Flynn would be in the same boat, as would any new QB to his system.

We can expect the play action pass to be a significant part of the offense going forward, and with some mediocre defenses coming up we might see an even more efficient offense converting the plays that have been just barely missed. Most of all we can expect the offensive chemistry to really increase as the team becomes more familiar with each other.

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