Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for gameday

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2012 Seahawks defensive snaps: Weeks 1-5 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
A periodic look at which players are playing and when, continuing with the Seattle Seahawks' defense: Blog | Week 6: Patriots at Seahawks
The Seahawks’ No. 1-ranked defense vs. the Patriots’ No. 1-ranked offense: Does it get any better than this? The Seahawks’ defense is allowing averages of 10.8 points and 258.6 yards – and has yielded 19 points in two home games. The Patriots’ offense is averaging 31.6 points and 439.4 yards – and has scored 52 and 30 points in two road games. In addition to handling everything QB Tom Brady can throw at them – and the Patriots’ No. 8-ranked ground game can run at them – the Seahawks will have to deal with the tempo of the New England offense. In addition to all the heat rush-ends Chris Clemons and Bruce Irvin can apply – and the disruptive presences of Red Bryant and Brandon Mebane, and the long-limbed coverage supplied by Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman – the Patriots will have to deal with the din generated by the 12th Man crowd.

Atlanta Falcons' offense among NFC's early surprises -
I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but the Seattle Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch is a top-five runner. He was so up and down with the Buffalo Bills and early on in Seattle, but he carries this offense every week. Robert Turbin fits beautifully as his backup. It's the Thunder-and-Thunder approach. ... The Seahawks' defense is greater than the sum of its parts, but the parts are pretty sweet. Give coach Pete Carroll credit for knowing what guys do well. Brandon Mebane, Chris Clemons, Jason Jones and Red Bryant all have specific roles that they play very well. Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner add a ton of speed to the group. Wagner closes.

Patriots provide a challenge — and measuring stick — for Seahawks' young, talented defense | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
The high-scoring New England Patriots will be a tough challenge for the Seahawks, the only team in the NFL who have not allowed more than 20 points in a game this season.

Saints QB Drew Brees says of the younger breed: "They seem so much more well-prepared than I was" -
Earlier today, you saw the first installment of my interview with Saints QB Drew Brees, who discussed dealing with unforeseen losses. As part of his venture with Xbox 360, I spoke with Brees about other topics as well.

Seahawks face sizable roadblock in Patriots' defensive line | Seahawks | The Seattle Times
"They're huge," coach Pete Carroll said. "They're much bigger than advertised there, and they're really physical. They've built their defense around those two guys, you know, and counting on them to absolutely dominate in the middle."

The Shutdown Corner Interview: Drew Brees, Part 1 | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Drew Brees has been through a lot in his NFL career, but nothing could have prepared him for a 2012 season in which he would lose his head coach, general manager, and two defensive teammates to an NFL suspension process that many people still question. it's been a greater challenge than coming back from the severe shoulder injury that effectively ended his career in San Diego, or helping to bring the New Orleans Saints organization (and the city it calls home) up from its knees in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. At 1-4, the Saints have overcome a great deal and are trying to stay on the path.

Unger back at it, ready to help Seahawks take on New England | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
"It’s an NFL game," Unger said about facing Wilfork. "Every player is the best player that you’ve ever played against. I think that’s the truth playing against defensive linemen in the NFL."

PFF Rookie Update: NFC West |
What happened to the NFC West being the laughing stock of the NFL? Times have certainly changed as the division has evolved from doormat to the home of defensive powerhouses. As is usually the case in the NFL, team success generally correlates with draft success. All four teams in the division have added key pieces through the draft in recent years and they all enter Week 6 with winning records. Let’s take a look at this year’s rookie class in the NFC West.

When it comes to coverage tackles, Farwell’s got it covered
Heath Farwell is to the Seahawks’ special teams what Marshawn Lynch and Earl Thomas are to the offense and defense – a follow-me leader who leads by impressive example.

Going through the inbox and the Week 6 picks - Grantland
The Sports Guy shares his faith in football before going through his inbox and making his Week 6 picks

Week 6 Injury Questions - Last Minute Decisions -
It’s time for guys to prove it. Underperforming studs like Darren McFadden, Jordy Nelson and Andre Johnson are running out of time to save their owner’s seasons. Heck, even Ryan Mathews is expected to start and push for 20-plus touches this week.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: On Second Thought: Patriots vs Seahawks
I shared some initial thoughts on the Seahawks game against the Patriots earlier in the week. A few more things have bubbled up after thinking more about the game, and doing a little more studying.

NFL TV Maps For Week 6 - 12th Man Rising - A Seattle Seahawks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
NFL TV rules strike again, and limit local Seahawk fans to just getting 2 games this week. This happens every time that the network who’s turn it is to only carry one game happens to have the have the local game. I guess if they don’t get to chose the game they show, they don’t want to compete with the local network.

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