Seahawks beat Patriots: What do we do with these glorious feelings?

Stephen Brashear - Getty Images

A win like this draws a smile on your face with permanent marker. Take a moment to enjoy it.

What are these feelings that I am feeling? I haven't felt a tingling sensation like this since I got the first hairs on my chin. I remember distinctly because that only happened three years ago.

We were waiting for a moment like this one. The opportunities have been there over and over again this season. Russell Wilson fell short several times against the Cardinals and some fans panicked. He made some nice throws against the Packers, some bad throws, and had one hell of a lucky break and we doubted. (I now feel like I need to say something because some stuff was said on the reaction video. Regardless if we should have won the game, it has nothing to do with whether or not Wilson did or did not complete that final pass. He threw a hail mary and it was a funky finish.) We fell short against the Rams and we wondered.

Is Matt Flynn the man for us? Most people felt that the 2011 version of this team would have done much better if we just had a quarterback that could get it done in the fourth quarter, which was a reasonable expectation. Wilson had experience at Wisconsin of coming up big in the most important moments and that's what we were going to need. This team isn't going to give up many points, but they aren't going to score many points either. Get used to close games, tell you doctor if you're getting panic attacks.

If what happened against the Patriots continues though, tell your doctor if you have an erection lasting longer than four hours.

This is an amazing feeling. I think I've said this before, but "this never happens to us." I have seen so many big moments over the years and so few of them are related to a Seattle team winning. Maybe it's "the Cougar in me" but it's hard not to be skeptical when your team goes down and needs a big play. For the Seahawks to win this game, down 23-10 to the Patriots in the fourth quarter, they would need several big plays.

They got them in spades.

8:52 - 51 yard pass to Golden Tate (15 yards added on penalty)

7:26 - 10 yard touchdown pass to Braylon Edwards

Patriots putting together a drive with 2nd and 10 at their own 47.

4:52 - Tom Brady intentional grounding when the defense gets pressure and a sack

Then of course Seattle had a drive that was as impotent and disheartening as the one that ended the first half (almost as disheartening) but thank God we have this defense to rely on when we absolutely need to rely on them. You give the ball back to Brady with 3:02 left and the lead, you lose that battle 9.5 times out of 10. That's like Man vs Food if Adam only had to eat and finish a chicken slider.

Except that this team isn't "chicken" man, we are Hawks. You can't eat that shit, it will literally kill you.

Two one-yard runs and an incomplete pass later, the Hawks get the ball back and once again we ask our rookie to run a perfect two-minute drill.

Russell Wilson: "Two minutes? LOL."

It was definitely scary to give Brady the ball back with a minute left but two things:

A) Fuck yeah on that touchdown

B) Remember what I said about that Hawk defense? The Patriots have a ridiculously low amount of three-and-outs this season. Maybe you noticed, their offense is good. Well, they had two three-and-outs in a row. They gave Brady two chances to win the game, once in defense of the lead and once when they needed a field goal, and the Seattle defense held them.

Holy shit, the defense held them. Twice.

There will be plenty of people that point out that Russell Wilson was not perfect for this entire game. Despite his stats (16-of-27, 293 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT) that he made mistakes again and missed some open receivers. I'm not saying that they aren't right, Wilson made some mistakes and the Patriots pass defense is poor, but good God what do you want? Wilson had three passes over 40 yards, and he absolutely dropped it in Sidney Rice's bucket on a perfect throw. The play was so perfect that if it were a man, it would be Ryan Gosling.

"Hey girl, I heard you liked guys that drop dimes."

You want to know why we paid Rice, despite his injuries? That's why. Because he can get behind a defense and not T.O. the catch. When he's healthy, he's the deep threat we've been waiting for. He might not even top 700 yards this season but he's still incredibly valuable because of plays like that and now he has a QB that doesn't make you want to smash your face into the nearest Seahawk fan's face, to save space of face-smashing and kill two faces with one face.

The other day I was singing Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This" to myself- uhhh, I mean, I was totally fixing this cute girl's car and listening to Megadeath - but damn it, at a moment like this I am so damn happy to root for this team. They aren't good on offense (San Francisco should be an unwelcome wake-up call) but this defense actually makes me really want not to die for the next four months because I don't want to miss anything.

I don't want to miss one Pete Carroll smile. I don't want to miss one Richard Sherman diss. I just want to be with the Hawks, right here with the Hawks, just like this.

I will break down some of the fun defensive stats again later but right now this is just about emotion and this win was full of emotion. When I think about the Hawks win over the Patriots, I think of this moment from Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads chilling and inspirational speech after the Cyclones upset Oklahoma State.

I am so proud... I am so proud of this team.

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