Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Monday

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Instant reaction: Seahawks beat the Patriots " Seahawks Draft Blog
This is the most significant Seahawks victory in a long time. Sure, there are other games you can throw into the mix. But this just seems more important, at least to me. Here’s why:

With offense and defense in sync, Pete Carroll successfully sets his new Seahawks to dissolve old memories | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"They are a good defense -- no doubt about it," Brady said. "They can rush the passer, and they have been doing that all season. They can cover well. We had quite a few yards, and we moved the ball up and down the field, but we squandered some scoring opportunities. That's what the game came down to; a one-point game, and opportunities in the red area for a touchdown. We just didn't do it."

Playbook: Seahawks' man-pressure scheme | National Football Post
'All-22' breakdown of Seattle's Cover 1 blitz vs. Panthers.

NFP Sunday Blitz | National Football Post
6. Seahawks—No defensive end duo comes at offenses with more speed than Chris Clemons and rookie Bruce Irvin. And fellow end Red Bryant complements with power and technique. Interior players Alan Branch and Brandon Mebane can be tough to move.

Jason Garrett, Dez Bryant to blame for Cowboys; Seahawks' comeback; more Week 6 thoughts - Don Banks -
This much we already know six weeks into the NFL's 2012 regular season: You don't want to mess with the Seattle Seahawks in their home ballpark of CenturyLink Field. The Seahawks can beat anyone there, and that should be a sobering thought for all NFC playoff contenders, who might just have to journey to the Pacific Northwest come the postseason. Seattle scored 14 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to stun New England 24-23, and the win lifted the Seahawks (4-2) into a first-place tie with San Francisco and Arizona in the NFL's deepest division. Pete Carroll's team has something good building this season, and most of it has occurred at home.

Postgame quotes: Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots | Seahawks Insider
Head Coach Bill Belichick (Opening….) " Today is one of those days where we just didn’t do enough things well enough, we had a lot of chances and just all the way across the board everyone involved in the game all of us just didn’t do a good enough job, the result is what it was. Just not good enough"

Postgame quotables: Richard Sherman being, well, Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks | Seahawks Insider
CB RICHARD SHERMAN "I kept saying I’m going to get that next time. Every TV timeout, I went up and said it right to (Brady): ‘Please keep trying me. I’m going to take it from you.’ That was when they were winning. He just gave me that look and said, ‘Oh, I’ll see you after game.’ Well, I made sure I saw him after the game."

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: Fear No Man, No Team
Tom Brady and the Patriots roll into town this Sunday. There was a time, not that long ago, where I would have thrown in the towel before the wheels of the Patriot team jet touched down at Sea-Tac. Brady's hair, alone, clearly outclassed the Seahawks. Heck, his marriage to Gisele Bundchen may be a greater accomplishment than anything the Seattle football franchise has managed in 35-plus years of existence. Brady surely feels that way. He has won triple the Super Bowls Seattle has even appeared in. National media is doing nothing to challenge the expectation that New England has a nearly certain win in front of them.

Twitter / RyanDivish: Check out this photo from the ...
Check out this photo from the AP's Elaine Thompson ... "Don't underestimate the power of the dark side."

Russell Wilson, Seahawks learn scramble drill | Seahawks Insider
Baldwin’s catch was one of five passing plays of 15 yards or more for the Seahawks, as offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell did a nice job of using the play action game to create some chunk plays. "We’ve been looking for explosive plays in the offense, and they’re just sitting there for us when he gets out swinging," Carroll said. "There was a tremendous validation of what we had pointed out, and it was a factor in the game."

Wilson to the rescue
"It was great. But I didn’t celebrate at all, because with a minute and 14 seconds on the clock and with Tom Brady back there, the game is not over," Rice said in the locker room after the Seahawks had run their record to 4-2 and pulled into a tie for first place in the NFC West with the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals, who both lost on Sunday.

Wilson leads Seattle past Patriots 24-23 - Yahoo! Sports
In the final minutes, it was Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks making all the big plays. ''If guys didn't believe in him,'' Seattle safety Earl Thomas said, ''I guarantee they believe in him now.''

Postgame analysis: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23 -
The Seahawks overcame a 13-point fourth quarter deficit to stun the Patriots 24-23.

Wrap-up: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
What it means: The Seahawks improved to 4-2 with a comeback victory that should at least temporarily silence calls for the team to replace rookie quarterback Russell Wilson with backup Matt Flynn. Wilson connected on big plays early, then found Sidney Rice for the winning 46-yard touchdown pass with 1:18 remaining. This was exactly what Wilson and the Seahawks needed heading into a road game against the San Francisco 49ers. Blog | Game at a glance: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23
"This week, we made a big point to the whole receiving crew and the quarterbacks and everybody that is catching the ball, that we have not taken advantage of Russell’s movement," coach Pete Carroll said. "He’s been getting out, and he’s been running and making yards. And we made a big deal about it this week that there are huge plays there for us if we just look and fight harder to get open."

Game in review: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23 | Seahawks Blog | The Seattle Times
Players of the game Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw for a career-high 293 yards, but more importantly, two touchdowns in the final 8 minutes as Seattle came back from a 13-point deficit. Tom Brady attempted 58 passes, second-most ever thrown by a Seahawks opponent. He completed 36 of those passes for 395 yards, most by a Seattle opponent since the Giants' Eli Manning threw for 420 yards in New York last October.

Pete Carroll’s full postgame press conference transcript | Seahawks Insider
HEAD COACH PETE CARROLL (Opening…) Well, what a day here at the Stadium, at CenturyLink for the fans and our players. A fantastic event we just witnessed. I’m really proud of the way we played. It was a day when they were really doing a lot of good stuff, Tom was doing everything with the throwing game and their receivers were making plays, and you didn’t know if we were going to get to slow them down or not.

Patriots vs. Seahawks: Wilson's Last-Minute Touchdown Dumps Tom Brady & the Pats | Bleacher Report
I think it's about time the naysayers drop the Russell Wilson is too short hubbub. In his first six NFL starts, he has beaten Tony Romo, Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the quarterback vs. quarterback wins debate, it's still impressive nevertheless.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Seahawks 24, Patriots 23
I had to watch today's game in a sports bar. I HATE watching Seahawks games at sports bars. The food and the drinks are too expensive, and I lack control over my environment- I have to deal with fans of opposing teams (who spout absolute drunken gibberish most of the time), and I can't express myself freely. I was watching the Seahawks/Patriots game at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Bowling Green, Ohio, and one table over was a young woman in an Aaron Curry Seahawks jersey (Eww). I was tempted to say something to her, but her boyfriend was a boorish, douchetacular New England fan- He taunted her mercilessly throughout the game and she silently endured it.

Tom Brady trash-talked by Richard Sherman after loss -
Wow. The temptation here is to point out that Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and Richard Sherman, who had an interception Sunday, is just a second-year pro. But we have to admit we love the attitude of this Seahawks defense. They are a different team to prepare for. They are physical, with great depth. Their secondary is massive. They will fight to the fourth quarter, and they'll tell you about it afterward.

Patriots vs Seahawks: Tom Brady, 'between lineman's legs' is not an eligible receiver -
The Seahawks defense gets to Tom Brady so he did what he had to do: Treated his lineman's trunk like a tire swing.

Patriots vs. Seahawks 2012: Tom Brady takes helmet to the face, draws flag -
Tom Brady took a shot to the facemask and got a flag for his trouble, because of course he did.

Patriots vs Seahawks: Wes Welker shook up on sideline after brutal hit -
Brandon Browner buries Wes Welker after a catch, which is appropriate because he might be dead.

Week 6 injury roundup: Murray, Richardson hurt -
DeMarco Murray, Ray Lewis, Trent Richardson and Brandon Lloyd were among the walking wounded after Week 6. Check out Gregg Rosenthal's injury roundup.

Ray Lewis, Lardarius Webb headline Week 6′s injury roundup | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Shutdown Corner: No team came out of Sunday's action with more serious injuries than the Baltimore Ravens, who lost two key starters, possibly for the remainder of the 2012 season. First to go down was cornerback Lardarius Webb, who ESPN's Adam Schefter … Continue reading →

Rams vs. Dolphins: St. Louis' Miscues & Missed Opportunities Drop Them to 3-3 | Bleacher Report
By looking at the Rams' offensive and defensive production in today's game, you would have thought they won the game with ease. Yet, big statistical days don't always translate into victories. Missed opportunities on third down and in the red zone doomed Brian Schottenheimer's offense from the beginning.

Wrap-up: Dolphins 17, Rams 14 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
What it means: The Rams can function well enough to win offensively even without injured top receiver Danny Amendola, but they still have to do the little things well to win, particularly on the road. Penalties, turnovers, a blown coverage and missed field goals will doom most visiting teams. The Rams were no exception Sunday despite a 294-100 edge in first-half yardage.

New York Giants make loud statement in solving San Francisco 49ers - ESPN
There was really nothing too outrageous, irrational, absurd or incendiary about the New York Giants’ 26-3 domination of the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Unexpected? For sure. Fluky? Not in how it played out. Personal? You bet.

Wrap-up: Bills 19, Cardinals 16 (OT) - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Thoughts on the Arizona Cardinals’ 19-16 overtime defeat at home against the Buffalo Bills in Week 6: staff blogs - Kent Somers - Post-game spread
We will all dwell about the craziness that started in the fourth quarter. But the Cardinals could avoid those types of messes if the offense played better early in the game.

Kolb has a rib injury | ProFootballTalk
Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb exited Sunday’s overtime loss to the Bills with an injury. Which gave Week One starter John Skelton a chance to reclaim his job. Skelton failed.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Futures: USC QB Matt Barkley
Is it fair to use a bad statistical performance to evaluate the NFL potential of a prospect? As long as it isn’t the only game, I’d argue that it’s preferable to at least have one of these games in my sample. A bad or uncharacteristic performance is often the result of a player and/or team stretched to do things that aren’t a part of the game plan.

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