Notes from Pete Carroll's Monday Press Conference

On the schedule: Our beloved Seahawks had walkthroughs and team meetings today. They will practice on Tuesday, practice on Wednesday, and then fly down to San Francisco on Wednesday as well.
Bobby's Take: This makes me extremely nervous. We all know how important schedules and 'body clocks' are to football players. Not only are the players on a short week, but they will be practicing each of the two days before a game and flying on the same day as a practice. This is a far cry from having a walkthrough on a Saturday and playing a game on Sunday at home. I am officially nervous at the prospect of some players being (to use Carroll's frequent terminology) "not right" physically for Thursday's game.

On game winning situations: According to Pete Carroll, the team was in a position to win 6 games in the last two minutes last season and did not win a single one. This year, the team has had five opportunities and have won three of those five. The reason for such a dramatic turnaround? Carroll estimates that roughly 1,000 Two-Minute Drill reps have been logged between walkthroughs and practices. He did not note how many they had through this time last year, but emphasized it was a dramatic turnaround from the amount of time spent practicing Two-Minute Drills last year.
Bobby's Take: I'm glad to learn that we taking our mistakes from last year and turning them into positives this year. That being said, I have to question just how much the team practiced those situations in practice last year. Why would they overlook what is a driving force that decides so many games every single week? We've seen this year and last that the Hawks have been able to stay in games all the way until the fourth quarter (think back to the Dallas game last year that we ended up losing). I think it is a fair assessment to say one can't expect our team to win consistently in the fourth quarter if they haven't been taught how. GI Joe tells us that "Knowing is half the battle." Truer words have never been spoken.

On one sack against the Patriots: "They're so good. They're just so darn good... [Tom Brady] always knows where to go with the football... Their protection is extremely consistent... We were very fortunate to get outta there."
Bobby's Take: I don't think there is much to say about this without being able to really get a good look at the game tape. This sounds like Carroll giving effusive credit to Tom Brady and the Patriots coaching staff given he was able to name the Offensive Line coach and how long he had been in New England. Personally, I expected the Hawks to wreak a bit more havoc in the backfield. I look forward to the Video Retrospective fellow user Nate Dogg typically posts and the discourse with you readers in the comments section.

On injured players: Moffitt is the only guy who has been ruled out to this point. He noted that Thurmond could potentially do a bit of practicing and maybe even play, but that isn't ideal given it is a short week.
Bobby's Take: As is usually the case for players already injured going into short weeks, I am glad that Moffitt will be sitting out. If a guy sits on Sunday but plays on Thursday, you have to question whether or not he could have played on Sunday. Also, the cost-benefit analysis typically leans in favor of having the injured player sit for both games, avoiding a potential injury from coming back too soon, and getting well rested for the following game. In this case, I hope to see Moffitt play when we travel to Detroit for a Week 8 matchup against the Lions.

If you would like to watch Carroll's Conference, it can be found here. Take a gander and sound off in the comments below!

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