NFL Draft Watch (and more!), Week 6 - wicked little critta

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What a difference one week - and one win - can make.

Had the Seahawks lost on Sunday, regardless of how tough we played the Patriots, we would've dropped to 3-3. That's a record that would put you in a tie for the lead in two different AFC divisions, but in the NFC we'd be scrapping with four other teams just for the honor of being the first team out of any wild card consideration. What's worse, the NFC is so top-heavy, and the NFC West in particular, that we'd be drafting behind most of the other teams that share the same record; 22nd in line as a matter of fact.

Fortunately, the Seahawks pulled out one of the biggest regular season wins in recent memory, and now boast a 4-2 record - and yet, it barely costs us anything in the draft positioning. Of course, it's mostly a matter of perspective: if you're a crappy team, dropping from 2nd to 6th in the order could mean the difference between getting that much-heralded QB you desperately need to fix your team's woes and watching another slightly crappier team nab him first. But when you're as far down the pecking order as the Seahawks are, you're not hoping for someone to drop into your lap as badly, so moving back a few spots might be worth it if it accomplishes another goal - like, for example, strengthening your playoff chances.

The Seahawks are currently in possession of the second Wild Card spot, thanks to the fact that San Francisco has yet ot play a divisional game, thus Seattle wins out by virtue of a stronger conference record. Seeing as the playoffs appear to be just as relevant to this squad as the draft right now, this column will track both the Hawks' draft order and their playoff potential. First, let's go over the current draft order - this thing is still called "DraftWatch", after all:

(Note: rankings have been edited to reflect the fact that a 0-0 divisional record is treated as a .000 winning percentage. So there's that.)

1. Chiefs (1-5, .449 SOS)

2. Browns (1-5, .495 SOS)

3. Raiders (1-4, .447 SOS)

4. Saints (1-4, .489 SOS)

5. Jaguars (1-4, .516 SOS)

6. Panthers (1-4, .517 SOS)

7. Titans (2-4, .517 SOS)

8. Steelers (2-3,.457 SOS)

9. Colts (2-3, .467 SOS)

10. Buccaneers (2-3,.478 SOS)

11. Cowboys (2-3, .505 SOS)

12. Lions (2-3, .609 SOS)

13. Chargers (3-3, .400 SOS)

14. Broncos (3-3, .433 SOS)

15. Bengals (3-3, .440 SOS)

16. Dolphins (3-3, .479 SOS)

17. Eagles (3-3, .506 SOS)

18. Rams via Redskins (3-3, .511 SOS, 0-0 Div.)

19. Bills (3-3, .511 SOS, 1-1 Div.)

20. Jets (3-3, .516 SOS)

21. Patriots (3-3, .543 SOS)

22. Packers (3-3, .562 SOS)

23. Rams (3-3, .581 SOS)

24. Giants (4-2, .489 SOS)

25. VIkings (4-2, .539 SOS)

26. Seahawks (4-2, .543 SOS)

27. 49ers (4-2, .559 SOS)

28. Cardinals (4-2, .596 SOS)

29. Bears (4-1, .511 SOS)

30. Ravens (5-1, .434 SOS)

31. Texans (5-1, .478 SOS)

32. Falcons (6-0, .391 SOS)

(Strength of Schedule is calculated using the win-loss records of all 13 opponents on a team's schedule, with divisional opponents getting double weight. If there is a tie for schedule strength, worst divisional record gets the tiebreaker, with a coinflip resolving any remaining conflicts.)

And now for the part that's becoming more important - the playoff picture. (Obviously, we only care about the NFC here. The AFC is a fustercluck of tiebreakers at this point anyway, since almost half the conference is 3-3.)

Division Leaders: Falcons (6-0), Bears (4-1), Cardinals (4-2, 1-1 Div.), Giants (4-2, 0-2 Div.)

Wild Cards: Vikings (4-2, 1-0 Div.), Seahawks (4-2, 0-2 Div., 3-2 Conf.)

Outside Looking In: 49ers (4-2, 0-0 Div., 2-2 Conf.), Rams (3-3, 2-0 Div.), Packers/Eagles (3-3, 1-0 Div.), Redskins (3-3, 0-0 Div.), Cowboys/Buccaneers (2-3, 1-0 Div.), Lions (2-3, 0-1 Div.), Panthers (1-4, Beat NO), Saints (1-4, Lost to CAR)

Obviously, there's a lot of grouping together this early in the season, so there's no sense in doing all the tiebreakers just yet. Just bear in mind that head-to-head records only come into play when exactly two teams are tied for the same record; otherwise it goes straight into divisional record, followed by all those ridiculous criteria like "Whichever team has fathered the fewest children" and "Apple Pie Bake-Off". We'll deal with the extra tiebreakers later on in the season; for now, suffice to say that the Seahawks have to make up one game to find themselves in the playoff hunt - and hey, look who they have next on the schedule...

That'll do it for this week's DraftWatch. Depending on what happens on Thursday, this column might really start to take on a different purpose - hell, I might end up having to move the playoff seedings in front of the draft order before all is said and done. See you next week!

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