Field Gulls Fantasy Football leaderboard after Week 6

Nick Laham - Getty Images

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Week 6 is now in the books. CaptainMaybeHelmet retains his overall lead from last week with another strong performance, but the Unger Games is closing in on him for second place - a jump from 7th overall last week.

Probably my favorite new team name for the entire field, Caged Wisdom, dominated the week's action with a 164.1 score, followed up by the aptly named Scoregasm and then Russell the Muscle came in third.


Here are a couple of other notes, provided by the always excellent Greetings from Lord Humongous, who has again graciously offered to compile stats and standings. Make sure, please, to thank him in the comments below. Notables:

- 4 teams have 6 wins, 3 teams have 6 losses

- Avg roster moves = 6.6

- Rip Citizen has conducted the most roster moves at 25 (~4 per week)

- Out of 144 teams, only 8 teams haven't made any roster moves so far. 3 of these have scores that exceed the league average. If you consider the other 5 teams as "abandoned", then we have a 97% post-draft participation rate.

(DK note: Damn!! That's pretty excellent.)

- There doesn't seem to be a linear correlation between number of roster moves and points scored.

- Two leagues each have 2 teams in the top 10: 359138 (w/ Buddha Palm and Nictator) and 359321 (w/ The Unger Games and @LaserLag). League 359321 also had 3 teams in the bottom 10.

- The greatest points differential is 232.3 (smell the glove, 6-0) while the lowest is -412.7 (First Legion, 0-6)

- The "strongest loser" is Sweet Sassy Molassy with 801.1 pts (good for 25th overall) but only 1 win.

- Strongest SoS faced by "Duece Sweezy" who saw opponents put up 921.8 pts (0 wins). Weakest was "@Laserlag" who saw opponents put up 578.2 pts (5 wins)

Here are the rest of the standings, both overall (left columns) and for Week 6 (right columns). In case you're wondering, and yes, I'm actually trying at this, I dropped to 115th overall. I'm not sure what this says about my eye for football (though I'm kicking ass in my other two leagues, I swear). Here's a link to it as well.


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